E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


Been around for years. Not like we properly play very frequently though, normally only 3-4 times a year.
You’re talking a lot of a shit for someone with 100 score in m1 after being so certain you’d destroy the entire map.
edit: 20 score


lol didnt stark alfie and vega dominate a M2? idk how you can say Lamp was the only good member. SGC at least in my time has always had good members and also shit members.


capo always talks shit, im adamant that hes bad, except milan rates him lol


I always talk shit to people who deserve it. I have literally never seen you do anything other than keeping your army alive Dan, that’s whats wrong with most you .commers, you are not proactive and challenging, you just take the easiest way to winning. Also Alfie I don’t know how much you know me but I can guarantee you I have never in my BD career had the mentality of someone who’s going to lose, even in eras I wasn’t planning on winning. However I’d prefer you continued this conversation on the M1 topic rather than the E3 one? It’s not like I was avoiding discussions on that one :wink:


Damn this thread woke up


considering the only era ive set out to actually play and win in in the past year is 2 f3s and 1 m2 nice sample size lol. and i won i won 2 of those eras. Every other era ive planted to either watch and see what i can skim from without committing myself.


So you didn’t plant to win this E3…?


follow up question, what about that E2 you led, dan?


i had ulterior motives for e2 lol psi knows them. wont say more


nope theres an actual convo talking about this e3 and what im doing it was a play to win later in era not a ftw era from the start


Muahahahaaa Ulterior motives fancy evil accent


i preferred to reply this after everything done, you should do same i guess do not talk about us before havoc, i hope i ll teach something to you now.

i saw you posted " 540 units destroyed also " and razed thats good cos none did it, if you wanna talk that should be clearly and you should not be shy about share ur losses too so let everyone think who is winner or losser,

firstly this

23k - 20k with taken all stuffs from you

you noobs gave all Africa to SGC in 2h when we left there for kill whoever moved againts us !
and cried on this whole era.

we left africa for 1 day and after that we backed yea i told SGC too we will be back so feel free to attack us i wanted to don’t be stabber, but you noobs made peace with them after we came back showed everyone reason on this " we are tired, 4E left us " etc.etc. you guys turned back off and wanted to take free blues but i sweared i won’t let it.

after SGC surrendered we started to attack you guys and you lost all africa - asia - europe stuffs in 3h !

i am saying don’t talk about us before everything done cos we will take our revenge at the end as like always.

the noob who was with you and didn’t left his army from ur gate confused us yea

well i won’t share our small winning reports as like you, we took ur all stuffs so you guys can think we won spam war…

yea u locked 1 of us and killed but he missed eot

left ur member alone

could that change something ?

nope Screenshot_47

well ppls told us keep ur place on top 3 and don’t loss ur power for you noobs but we choiced kill you guys, if you guys made a move against 4E u’ll pay it at the end !


we finished this era like this.

we are not playing for score, we are not playing for blues, we are not playing for rank…

we are playing for just ourselves!

we will be next to our friends till FOREVER
we will kill our enemies till FOREVER
we will be on this game till FOREVER

and if you noobs wanna kill us u won’t be first or last !

i am happy to see if i teached you something.

never talk before everything done !

we are 4E

we die one and resurrect a thousand


If you honestly think we were ever playing seriously, or that we were ever more than 4, you are sadly mistaken. I don’t know who said what to personally offend you, or sleight the honor of 4E, or whatever it is you think happened here (It honestly becomes quite befuddled the further one delves into your post), but you probably shouldn’t go about boasting as though you just took down everyone for all time. You guys jumped a half-alliance that had stopped playing actively after the only war we cared about was over. We weren’t coasting for blues because we knew we would never get top 3 without warring you guys, which we didn’t really care to do.

“we die one and resurrect a thousand” Yes, that appears to be a satisfactory substitute for legitimate ability in BD. I don’t know if I would boast about it as being my only means to victory, but, whatever floats one’s boat is good enough to sail away in, I suppose. Or something like that, I’ll get back to you when I’ve hammered out all the fine details there.


first of all, i wanted to exclude parts of my losses as i was still fighting the enemy. I didnt post any of my losses because i was already expecting you to do that. Hiding range values on BRs that are ongoing is standard practice in my opinion. Posting all of this after the era ending just makes it seem irrelevant. the era already ended. You would think everyone would have moved to bigger and better things by then. IE taking a break or starting a new era. Buuuut thats just me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If you actually look at my post, you see this same BR

only SGC player in the enemy team was alfie, Does that really make it SGC. And if we lost all of africa to the team you desire to call SGC then why is it that we still had north africa and parts of mid africa when we stopped attacking eachother. since we were the only ones there. 4E was too busy securing 3rd from PH :stuck_out_tongue:

I appriciate the all heorism/romanticism you put into this war, it was just merely 3+ alliances deciding to stab another alliance to secure top 3 or maybe we were to critical of your participation :stuck_out_tongue: no one knows.

P.S. I will FOREVER love your poems. Also the only time you only saw me talking about my participation in the era to post those BRs of your team

Congratulations you won, but dont over romanticize it because it dosent deserve that.


This dosent make sense, please explain it further or say it in another way ;p

I would love to show you that we werent just sitting in africa doing nothing unlike someone but i only have 1 picture.

notice the lack of 4E attacks/movements or ops :stuck_out_tongue: and this was one of the later stages of the war in africa. we were in africa the same day alfie attacked SMAW and we started

We did what we could as a top 10 alliance fending off basically solo agianst the #1 team. we went above of what was asked of us, so i dont understand how a human with eyes like yourself can make up a picture of us (teammates) not doing that

Ive fought your team once or twice in the past, and 4E leaves much to be desired. I was expecting much more from a family in the same caliber of OwK/SGC/T


Usta did one important thing in africa… he died


@alfie that is your only br ?


If you count the ones he succeeded in doing something, yes. Otherwise he has some spam brs and death brs


You sucided into a relic the last era you played against us and died numerous other times despite multiple teams helping you (including 4E). And you’re getting silver in m2 with these stats

Be quiet. And @Kaen, stop being funny bro


Don’t @ me if u don’t put a like on my post, *****