E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


I love this thread. Especially how informative Felipe’s and Trajic’s post was describing what happened and where the enemy teams screwed up. As a noob i find that very helpful. I was planted and trying to watch, but thats not easy without radar view of map. This was a very entertaining era, mostly due to this thread. Thank you. I feel we need to make more threads about eras.


Yea it was a real learning experience for someone like me

No one on our original team btw thought that dw. But we knew that if we LOST in AA it would be over. Like you said we sent 200 some squads of spams which left us fairly open with such a large territory. Granted Bk had 15 squads left around the map but he needed to be piloted sometimes. And ye what trajic said is true, I was basically responsible for the loss. We had multiple opportunities to kill y’all but either sushi or I were gone (esspecially when I passed out). I gotta learn how to turn on my ringtone :frowning:

Don’t forget @Alfie’s contributions to the era btw, even if he is SGC he is a fantastic player and I relied on him to help me out sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Ye all in all its all good, ill be back sometime soon and I can guarantee you will too :wink:


Moral of the story - don’t play with Alfie


Overrated players losing while having the lead. Nothing new to the game.


Well said zelaot! Just kidding Alfie is good.

I am not blaming you carter, just saying there was no leadership, which is not completely you fault as others should have taken charge when shit was getting hectic.

Oh yeah just want to add. I did no diplo his era as people know when I am trolling to don’t do diplo, seaweed found out the hard way as I was being an ass to him when he came to do deals(sorry), My job was purely to keep my team together else psi and plo would kill eachothe and let psi deal with talks. He deserves full respect for it and full hate for it too, please give an equal amount of both.

I remember poor psi wouldn’t speak to anyone a few years ago, now he is talks 24/7. Proud of him. My favourite Brazilian after rivalado, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, roberto Carlos and ofc Adriano.


No kaka? Damn you still mad about that one goal aint you


Yeah man he destroyed us. No respect at all


Waiting for some idiot to tell you Ronaldo is Portuguese


I love this subtle dig at SGC.


SGC and I haven’t really been friends for awhile, but tbh it ain’t a dig tho SGC just has lost all the glory they once had : p

Alfie is bae tho <3


Stopped watching football after 2006 or what ??

Anyways we all know italy is the best, Buffon can handle any of those any day :wink:


Lmao saying it’s not a dig while simultaneously saying they’re essentially bad :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Its not a dig if its true :baguette_bread:


They just can’t win without Miss Lamp


She was the only good member of the team.


I like her and Stark but as a player, idk about Stark. He just has a nice personality and is cute


Nah they can only win if they hide their presence all era and their enemies don’t get 100 people to spam them

(ie last last m2)


R u talking about milan or SGC rn?


what carter said stands for both :smiley:
also, can someone list me all the SGC players? it sounds like a team that was born and died in 2016, the only year I was 100% missing


Tbh, this era could have ended so easy for enemy side (WW3, BIA, SS and others) if you only grouped up and went for PLO colony, easy as that trust me :slight_smile: