E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


You seem to be lost up in the details here. Why would I hide my name when our team won. Thrashing us and throwing us under the bus. PSI, PLO, trajic are amazing players, and I’m honored to play with them, I am no where close to as good as them, and I don’t recalling me or NEWBIE ever saying we were. But for you to call us ‘useless and shit players’ is something else Alfie especially after you just lost. No matter what the case is the end is the same. You lost. You lost to us. So please call us garbage it makes me laugh :smiley: Good game guys, I had fun and that’s all that really matters.


Yeah well GG regardless


You must realise PLO and T might not have won the war without NEWBIEs on the team and on the other hand NEWBIEs were saved from USA by PLO! So , both of them deserve to win.

Anyways non of you would have won without me xD :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue: lol


Who wants Relic 6? free to a good home lol


The ting goes skrrrahh

Pap, pap,

ka-ka-ka -

**Skidiki-pap-pap **
And a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom


Well played SMAW, if you were solo against 4E I have no doubt they would never stand a chance, I see SS involving trying to take some of the spoils, but that’s them, good for nothing alliance :slight_smile:


SMAW isn’t dead so quite obviously nothing to do with "taking spoils"
Kind of ironic coming from a guy whose score is mostly from taking xtals from his old team mates but sure


Crystals came from the relic, teammate got banned, am I supposed to leave them there?
Edit: not most of the crystals, 70, that’s not most


Territories please? :slight_smile:



wait they are being marked


Shoot, looks like Russia has done some expanding since the last time I checked. Somebody ought to put them in check : (


Thank you all for the great Era. See you guys, hope not soon.


what he said + psi is the best. Respect to all and thanks for the fight NGL/LGBT/SS and their allies whatever you want to be called. I quit. AGAIN.


You’ll be back <3 , hopefully not against me next time :slightly_frowning_face:


I almost forgot about it, so…

I got tired of ppl saying we won it just because of our allies, I can’t deny it 100% but lets not forget about what happened when trajic and I planted.

How can an alliance which has almost all map covered, with Top 3 allies lose to:

  • 1 guy with Army + Income -> PLO

  • 2 guys barely active and in need of coordination -> Newbies

  • 2 Retards with no army -> Trajic and I

  • 1 random member that sent Explo vechs against Vechs and died. (Before “First”)

You guys had everything, armies, land, income but was missing the most important as @trajic1 had mentioned here. Leadership for the making decisions.

1st wave, I wasn’t even around. Trajic got on msged me as he also didn’t do anything he said it was just a PLO’s move. Then I wake up and see msg about the guys disbanding armies and running back to Aussie.

While we were waiting the 2nd wave, trajic and I was finishing structures and then making armors, meanwhile PLO had solo’ed one NUKE’s army and right before the 2nd wave he solo’ed another one from NUKE.

2nd wave, 200 squads comes, 122 real rest spams. Trajic and I say "we lost, its done". But then we came with something… “what if they split?” "would they do that?" "If they do we can still win".
What they did? They splitted. I laughed, trajic laughed.

We managed to fight, to defend and counter their attacks. They had more armies, we lost a lot of ops but we were still fighting. They splitting was their weakness. While they had their squads there, trajic and I were with low overhead and building a deadly army vs 'em. PLO was dancing with 'em, buying time.

After some time, trajic and I were ready to start hunting and we did it, we managed to do attacks, Trajic alone vs Alfie managed to kill some squads one by one while I was dancing with Carter and Yaz.

One thing we were sure. Energy, Carter and Yaz would pass out and we would kill 'em. We just needed to keep our activity. I stayed awake for like 2 days refusing to sleep with trajic also active and up to any calls I did. And it happened they kept losing squads, they were tired.

PLO woke up in his morning, "I’ll move to the middle and take their ops", few ticks later we see PLO flying to Aussie leaving us alone in AA. Fine. You could say, we were done, but again… Our enemies made another mistake, Alfie chased him back to Aussie and ended dying to PLO there. Was our 1st kill. Then Carter and Yaz managed to double damage my army in AA, they hunted me till my TB, they were sure they could kill me, double damage was op. Well, they should realize I had healed 7 HP and I was on a damn TB, welp. They took the battle, Trajic and I rushed and won the battle. 3 members down.

Energy was the last one to die, how did he die? He passed out. Dan was the one active, he helped me with his ops while running to recover my ops. Thanks for that! Then he ran back to Aussie.

But, early when we planted someone told me, “I’ll help u guys soon when we can” and he kept saying that for almost a week… and we still fighting alone. Trajic had gave up on him but I kept my faith. And when we had killed and kicked 'em out of Aussie, few ticks later, SMAW our great allies came from nothing and took EU from 'em. Was an awesome move. I really have to thanks 'em for that effort.

We also had 4E, waiting… building up as they had planted few ticks before. And once they could start we saw Asia falling down. Our diplo worked to get PF on our side, no more sit and build Taotaomona, PF’s leader, wanted to fight and learn more about the game so I showed him that could be a perfect chance for that.

So, to make u guys stop we just won it cuz of our allies. I’ll repeat: You guys lost the game in AA, what happened later was the consequence of ur fails.

After that we know what came next, our allies growing, our enemies dying. Trajic and I as one, pushing and killing, from AA to Africa then AA again. Our move to Africa was an emergency move to help SMAW, 4E had moved back from War, SMAW were alone and we couldn’t let an allied alone. We did our job then came back to AA and started our journey.

We did our best and we succeed. I can say without Trajic I couldn’t have done that, our teamwork was amazing. I missed Leo on my side there too haha. PLO was amazing as always, but he changed a lot in the middle game, hunting relics, dying to it… Didn’t fight much the war. Well, he was busy with meeting so can’t blame him 100%, maybe 90%.

However, it was an amazing era. Our enemies didn’t stop fighting in any moment, kept it until their limit. I appreciate that. I’m also help we could make the forum or this thread particularly active. Trash talks are always good to keep the rivalry in game alive.

Thanks to @trajic1, @leobratce, @Muha, @Gaurav (Gay went to enemy side just to have fun against me but I still love him). Special thanks to @AverageNoJoe, @USTA For helping us when we needed the most.

Thanks to @Carter, @Swagger and @EnerGY. We were friends, we fought as friends and hope we can still be friends. I just got upset with Energy, due to something he did. But I hope he realizes it’s just a game. Thanks to @LeBoink for the talks while fighting xD

Ah and next time learn to focus the objective, go direct to the main goal and destroy it. The era was yours and u guys threw it away.

Bye again. Good luck in future.

What is this BS?



Well said Felipe, just to exaggerate it wasn’t as easy as it looked or how people made it out to be.

The day we took Aussie, later on that day me and psi boosted our asses off and jumped to AA alone to push WW3.

Then later that night we moved back and invaded Africa to help SMAW as 4e left the war for the day. just over half a day in Africa we clear it and on that night we moved back to Aa as WW3 we’re pushing back. Our alliance were not active at the time as plo was in Asia and the newbie twins were busy I guess.

As soon as we landed in AA we pushed ww3 non stop to their hive within a day and demoralised them, just waiting for a kill, they were active but they were trying to lure us to traps but didn’t work. Then @leobratce came to our rescue and entered SA and killed Suresh again and killed OvO whilst we finished off AA.

Activity and constant pressure on the enemy is what won the era so quickly. But like psi said, we talked about it for a long time and calculated what could have happened in that Aa war. The lack of leadership in NGL was the reason they lost. No offence but no war minded person took control of the situation, they split and did what they do best and fight alone. That the issue with most players in bd now, they all play solo and it’s selfish as it costs the team. Sometimes it does work, first hand I know but in times like that vs good opponents you have to go for the head. Me and psi even split because we knew we just had to tire them out as we couldn’t clash one vs one. When the time was right we joined forces and picked them off one by one thebest we can, they did us a favour by splitting. It’s a learning curve I guess. But all I’m saying is full resepect to all.


Well said. Congrats on the victory and well fought war. Hard to find anyone better than Psi or T(when with Psi)

Here are the rankings as they look now and alliance territory after razing(wish I had taken screenies before that).



Well Done everyone…


I think part of this was that is was an untested team. BK is essentially a new player. Carter hasn’t led before. Obviously I’ve never played with sushi or Yaz properly before, and if I’m honest I was a little suspicious of them at least for the first few days of you and psi properly playing for obvious reasons. I’m good mates with Yaz and friends with sushi now but when you two first started playing naturally I panicked a little and for a while had a plan to pack the team with sgc people if needed, which it obviously wasn’t.
But yeah, chemistry is all part of the game and I think we’re all good now and will hopefully play together again. I’d agree with what both of you said, Ive got my own opinions on certain things but you guys won so you get the write the history on it.
Congrats on a great win and never come back again :kissing_heart: