E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


Well, in all honesty, the world was waiting for this war to get over so that they could settle the “relic business” with each other, given that not everybody likes everyone else.

But sadly, it got dragged too long and everybody was getting impatient…
Now, though, they can hop on each other.

The era, will still be eventful.


Alliance territories and rankings pls


Alfie may be the more experienced player, but we beat him along with the rest of you, whether you like to hear it or not, we beat you all.


Yeah psi trajic and PLO did


and the other alliances of course


you didnt beat us lol Trajc and PSi did. I don’t even remember seeing your army lmfao, remember when USA stabbed us and lost entire war within 100 ticks? yah i do.


We fought you all and won, no need to get mad about losing to us.


Remember disbanding your army to us?


It’s pretty smart having the same ign. That way whenever someone asks “aren’t you useless and a shit player?” you can just say ‘nah that’s the other one lol’

Genius :ok_hand:


No one is mad, we’ve accepted the loss. Respect has been given where it was deserved and in both of your cases it was not earned.


You didn’t exactly beat anyone. You moved back and forth and didn’t die a horrible death because Trajic kept saving you.
Your accomplishment is choosing the right alliance to sit in all era.
Psi T Leo and PLO(for the first ticks of war) SMAW and 4E beat GFF NUKE and WW3. ALV and OTFW beat OvO and that other alliance in NA that disbanded.


Say what you want, you lost.

Show some respect.


You have to earn respect, not demand it. I’ve played with at least one of you “newbies” before and you guys played okay as long as you had your hand held. Happy?


Note this does not include the 52 squads that were disbanded before we could kill them


This also is just the BR’s I have other Newbie probably has a number as well that dont include me :slight_smile:


Newbie youre just cannon fodder, getting kicked asap


Like @Gaurav said, you cant demand to be respected just because you have a desire for it. I mean of course, you can, but you will not get it unless deserved. When you earn it, you will receive it. Props to your enemies, allies and your teammates. But YOU did not win. Your team won and you are handed the win. Dont go jumping into conclusion and take credit for someone else`s work, just because your teammates were kind enough and had the nerve to tolerate your unreliability, to guide your every single move and action which you failed to follow countless of times.


To my looks plenty of you died to our “newbie” hands.


Lmfao showing every battle your army happened to be in doesn’t mean you’re the ones who did the work. Even your allies are trashing you.
Shoulda just stayed hidden as presidents


So you killed like maybe 2 armies on your own. Other ones either crashed into you, or were planned by Psi or T and you just pressed send. Really not helping yourself here.