E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


Alot of false claims and harsh accusations, i know first hand, if there were any cheating tom would be the first to ban them, he is trigger happy with that ban hammer. LOL team viewer. idk how to even use my laptop properly.
To this day i have not seen any proof of these spammers and jammers. if you find these E storing colonies let me know, it would save me alot of tokens. Ask your teammates about if i use spammers and jammers, some have played with me for years. My jammers are my team. and i do the spamming myself :stuck_out_tongue:


I was not specifically referring to you, I was referring to the slave teams. I am just saying what we observed, perhaps I am wrong. You and Psi fought hard this era and turned it around like pros. Despite what I think, you and him still deserve the win simply due to the sheer tenacity of your game-play against us. Very well done and a hard fought era on your part. We had lots of fun playing against you. I appreciated the challenge that you offered to me and my team after what was looking like a very bland era.


We did bust a gut this era, god knows why we even planted, but hey ho. Thanks, what you did this era hasnt gone unseen either, you kept your team in it and tried every diplomacy you could, without you your team would have quit a very long time ago. Much respect for your determination. its been really fun, i dont want to ruin it with bad blood. But alot of your guys keep brinign up spammers and other nonsense, spammers dont kill armies. Maybe its just to descredit us and our allies. Anywho hope to see you around, not on bd tho, im not playing ever again, i quit.


Thanks, I did what I could to keep it alive. My team was great and my naturally formed allies were great, no resistance possible without them at my side. No bad blood necessary my dude, we still have to play together sometime despite you quitting the game, haha.


See, ain’t it better when we have respect between we all and recognize what everyone could do and did in this Era? The era was already doomed when trajic and I planted and we somehow managed to get it into another way.

We all fought hard, but along of the mistakes it decided the era. Yaz, Suresh, Dan all know me and trajic, they know how we play and we do not need to show to anyone what we can or not do.

You tried to keep fighting, which ain’t all ppl who keeps fighting with that pressure. Thanks for that.

Same to me. :slight_smile:


I bet you’ll still come back next time I play :sleepy:


Alfie this time quit for good? :smiley:
It’s not over yet btw Psi/T.


LOL. Tom has been doing that since the beginning of time and he NEVER changed his way. if you played kong you’d be used to his middle of the night half drunk

"hey let’s see if a world needs relics right now"
adds relics
adds units
"Man ■■■■ doing the calculations"
types down “45” if its mars. “75” if its earth
copy pastes 8 times

you guys should have figured out by now, its been like 3 years right? :smiley: :smiley:


I have hope one day he gonna get replaced. see he is wrong and start doing it right. :slight_smile:


Well it was worth this time.


Owch! Poor trajic’s armorless army : (

Something fun is about to happen on Relic 6 (Tick 1321) , I wonder how it will all go down? ; D
Good luck to both sides.


Keep moving !!


Keep them coming boys!
More sleepless nights for them guys. =)


Nice kills!!!



Wow, only took 1500 ticks for either of you to accomplish anything


Don’t be mistaken they were outplayed and had to boost to save themselves :stuck_out_tongue:


Alfie you mad?

I was clearly outplayed here.


why would alfie be mad lol, hes clearly the better player, anyone with brains would take him over 10 of you


War is finally over. Gff and rPLO have come to terms. Sounds like as this ends, another war starts. 4E vs SMAW. May the better alliance win.