E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


stahp rite there!
me and my 7 tank army will end you!




Nice job Psi and trajic keep up the good work demolishing each and everyone around!


psi, trajic and leo* we come as a 3! all for one and one for all? :smiley:


seems that GFF have given up fighting, finally!?


Three? More like 45.


here comes the real seaweed…man.


Huh? I do not get it


The dude is still butthurt we kicked 'em while we were alone fighting for 200 ticks in AA. Now he tries to blame when our allies started to attack 'em over EU and Asia.


You planted more colonies than poor Theo himself could.


the spammers killed them man, we just took the credit and made the BRs appear in our events.


If I had the power to drop colonies, I wouldn’t even care to lose sleep killing useless ppl. The colonies I’d drop would kill you all.


@Shashwat_Agrawal here you go buddy, look at the rankings when me and psi planted. i think this was just after killing The rank 1 teams army, hence there low power. but look rank 1,2,4,5,6 are all helping rank 1. they couldn’t handle they were warring rank 3,7,9,12,13 and 14. look at the power and territory difference on previous posts.

now if we look at it. rank 12, 13, and 9 are top 5

Now you tell me, is that the power of skill, a hell of a lot of diplomacy and outstanding activity. btw this “spammers” thing is very stupid. How can they be called spammers when they are now higher rank than most of you.

i think some players are just upset, its clouding their vision. Anywho the war is nearly over. no point crying over split milk?


Thanks @trajic1, Maybe some facts make them realize and see their mistakes. And ofc, accept defeat.


We fight to the end as stated before. :smiley:


Neither of you understand the point that clean players, such as Shashwat and myself, are making. War is unfair, we do not object to that part of the game. Sometimes you are 1v3 and next era its the other way around. Diplomacy is part of the game and stacking the odds in your favor by using diplomacy and creating alliances is a legitimate strategy, which is what we did. The issue that we have with players like you is that you aggressively abuse E storing colonies, teamviewer using slave “teams”, spammers, hoards of slaves to blindly fight for you and anti your enemies. You refer to the way the teams were stacked against you before, and the comparison you make to what the situation is now is flat out silly because it is grossly inaccurate.


sounds like a whole lot of excuses to me


You and Psi are strong players. No argument there. You outplayed us in the early parts of the AA battle significantly.


Nope, we played very poorly in AA when we were on top. No reason we should have struggled so much but we did because we were outplayed, for sure.