E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


May have to late plant this era, seems exciting.


Rest of his army.


Somebody want to refresh me on the general diplomacy in this era right now.


Basically, to sum it up, if you’re not allied with Psi you’re dead and dying, apparently from the looks of it


that’s an essential part of BD. it’s been kinda a unspoken rule until now.


WW3 is no more, apart from Scream which insta left NUKE once they saw us in AA and flew to his colony.

EDIT: The inf and Tanks… Are from the guys trajic and I are carrying.


Nice era and nice battle reports!


I m Proud of Myteam WW3 … our max Income was 400 metal and 320 oil… We had tried Our best . and Im happy we could kill Newbie hahahahhaha… .




Oops, Now it’s IVY who is dying.



Well I think that’s everyone? GFF is the only team left? Gonna sleep for a few days I guess.


That’s it for today yeah. :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:


Impressive work today in AA, Psi.


and trajic--------------------


There have been mistakes made and still lots of drama to occur. Best of luck “friends”


Go right ahead, my man. Hit me with your best verbal shot. Throw it in a PM so we can keep this out of the E3 thread.

I’m curious to see what you come up with, and how coherently you manage to fit it together. To be sure, punctuation, spelling, grammar and syntax will all be graded.

Good luck, Commander.


shh this is strictly E3 thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Can please anyone snap a pic of alliance territories?


tick 1246! SMAW have full control of europe. 4E family and rPLO member have taken full control of africa off of GFF.

whilst rPLO nearly have full control of AA.

GFF armies seem to be in south america, trying to camp the boarders.