E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


I agree that any overt racism should not be allowed. The comment Expert made was so slight in comparison to where boundaries have been laid in the past.


Flashback to the E1 Horo era where she and her team referred to me as the ‘N***er’ all era when they thought I wasn’t watching the skype chat…

This is the internet, where all lowlifes feel invincible.




Keep em coming, I like this :smiley:


Maybe I was angry… I like how delicately you danced around that one, Psi, really, I do. We both know I was furious, I wouldn’t have said anything like that if I weren’t. It’s not that I ever truly felt that way, I was just hurt and wanted to hurt. It was in poor form, and I have no qualms apologizing to you about it now. I’m glad it didn’t really affect you, I would have lost some respect for you if it had, to be honest. I knew you were stronger than that.

Good to see you can still kick some ass when it needs to be kicked. Oh, and I honestly didn’t know you were in the alliance with Plo until after I joined SMAW. Would it have changed my choice? Probably not. It looked like a damn fine opportunity.


GG psi and trajic :slight_smile: hats off to your activity, once again im glad i played against trajic.

Goodluck with the era.


A pleasure like always buddy :slight_smile: well fought, admire your loyalty to your allies. See you around mate.


Anger does not justify the use of racial slurs to bring down a person. I am happy it did not affect psi much, because if you said it to me, I would make you feel sorry for your existence. shame on you


boi u aint making no one sorry


im sorry for my army being in the way of you on E2. i promise i wouldnt have killed you if you told me :sob:. focus on E3 more than this my man. it seems like psi is doing a number on your team


lol im not on e2? or do u mean like 2 eras back when i planted with pretty much all noobs and all i did was play around in AA? killing me when i suicided on purpose cause i no longer gave a ■■■■? you know just as well as anyone else here that i dont wouldn’t die like that unless i didnt give a single ■■■■ about a world that was over already


a little birdie told me you forgot to turn :stuck_out_tongue:


considering that i was in HINI at the time and that my original team was already dead lol i really didnt give a ■■■■ about that era


You can justify it however you want, you lead a #1 FTW team and got promptly beating by the #4. anyways enough with the banter this isnt about E2 anyways. This is E3 Italy showdown!!!


Good game guys!

But isnt it suspicious you or your allies couldnt get a single kill against me? Even when I fought literally all over the world? I wonder how did this happen…

You guys are really good players, fairly. But (as projected to me by some people) not invincible. Definitely prone to making mistakes…

Will look forward to eras playing with/against you. =)

PS I am not done with this era, just gonna be a little laid back. :smiley:

Hassan and Sada have been absolutely gems of people. Taught me a lot. Considering this is my second era and a first one (ever) in which I ever went to a serious war…I do have a lot of scope for improvement.
But not 3 tickers for sure. They dont synchronize with the watch, skip minutes sometimes. Something wrong with BD maybe.

Again, I am not done. =)


Germanicus, people make mistakes when they are angry. Happens to us all.


Intense era!------------------


I see the only ones keeping it on topic are the only ones… actually in the era…


Also special mention to this guy : Seaweed.
He is absolutely amazing. Sorted, never shit talks and a fighter for sure!
Pretty much the only guy because of which the era is still going.

Looking forward to playing with you more Sea. =)


Well played Trajic and Psi … wasnt Expecting you guys here :slight_smile: This E3 is a Leaf Bud for BD for its rise… Hope more and more Eras should come like this :slight_smile: since tick 100 been fighting… Thank god its gonna over soon… :slight_smile:

Relics are distrubuted Equally… Thats something will change the game … waiting and watching XD

Here to see… You are too hyper :smiley: