E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


Who will win? Idk, I’m just making this thread.

Currently tick 0, I’ll post the map when ticks roll


Good luck everyone. Will there be as much drama as last round? I sure hope so


Ticks are rolling!


well since Nopy isnt allowed to place I think it’s gonna be free (rofl)


Tick 36

Seems we have about 5 organised teams dominating various areas atm. Boost bar is already at 43% so hopefully we can expect some nice wars!


Africa team with a nice advantage if it can expand to Asia before the Asian team comes west


Africa team defeated by Fx and disbanded, then Fx got banned lul


Oh lord, thats a shame but I guess FX is now the dominant Africa alliance.


Africa seems to be no mans land rn, NUKE got some dots around however and NGL seem to be coming from Asia




Most of the action is in Europe and Africa right now


Oh finally a rank 2 and 3 vs rank 1. Show the power rankings please


I’ve already revealed myself but here you go

Cheers, USA has lost Africa and almost all of EU already


Earth 3! My favorite world <3
to make enemies and backstab :wink:


Got locked



Oh gross, it’s alfie winning



hah get rekt nerd Kappa


Battle of Might, PLO vs TOP 1 alliance


Update: 60 squads of R1 team - PLO dead !

the actual PLO is in r3 team , fyi xD the PLO im taking about is a team