E3 , Era 2 Crazy


Um, dGina I AM the spammer lol no one is afraid. Please be informed before you chime in. [quote=“trajic1, post:157, topic:247”]
and have had a lot of players leave alliances and spam.

3 of us who left vs 30+ that planted yeah i can see why trag is complaining that’s a real bummer haha
And who cares good for him, what is your point?


Dz and trajic so cute:D http://prntscr.com/ejhtve


Yeah we are cute :heart_eyes: , cant say same for you, how did Traj called you? Ohh yeah donkey :stuck_out_tongue:


Nopy is a donkey that’s for sure


nopy show the screenshots of you backstabbing us twice gaining all ground both times and then losing both eras one after the other, that is alot more interesting than that screenshot.

As for uchi, i have no idea where you counted 30 spammers youre not even active enough to notice if any spammers spammed you guys.

Anywho all you do is talk, haven’t seen you do anything apart from backstabb, be inactive and lose, so until then have fun talking to yourself.


you are the pro and the best at everyhting :pig2: <3

Dz is the best


Since you all are talking about traj & dz being cute , I actually have a question which i don’t remember if I asked your or if you replied hence I’ll ask again.

What exactly was that thing which you wore in your hand? which glowed in multiple colors? Do you have any e commerce link for it?
Looked very cool tbh.


1 sec :joy: :joy: :heart:


get lost :disappointed_relieved:


Its bangle i got in music festival


it worked on battery?
I did find this but its unavailable from a long time.


nah it was glowing few days, now you can see only colour but dont glow like when i got them


Oh well thanks for info.
Well that yellow colored bangle looked too cute on you. :heart_eyes:


Ty :heart:



Do post it on that staff/player picture thread also.


Posted one already :stuck_out_tongue:


lol as you wish.:grin:

Though i dont recall any rule saying 1 pic per player & maybe a solo pic is missing?lol

If I recall this pic is 2+ years old.lol let it be then.


Dont want to spam forum with my eww pics :joy:
1 is enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Well you gave me a lot of confidence. I hope I’ll soon have enough to post my pic on that thread too.

Alex if you are reading this, then I’m extremely sorry. Ik you just deleted many posts on other thread as they were different from the original topic. Lol I promise this won’t happen again.


Alex is noob as always :unamused: