E3 , Era 2 Crazy


Nope Swag…
Vahnati is a score whore…
He said "I dont want to lose my units"
and hence he pulled eot from the battle and let Blake and Rudi die.

Score whores ALWAYS alliance hop
He got tired of fighting the war , and jumped ship


Rudi is in no way my glorious leader nor did he ever lead me :smiley:actually in f1 i lead for a lil bit :smiley:
and so if u have 10 relics fight the enemy while ur holding them letting enemy run away is a fatal mistake
any1 with a decent experience in bd knows enemy is alive as long as he has units


Well, i’ll say from the convo posted alone, Vahnati looks like the typical unloyal score whore. It takes a good leader to keep those kind of players in check, or an extremely passive team. Now, I understand that sometimes getting sniped on things constantly can build up and lead to a blowout, but from what I just read, it seems like he just had his panties in a bunch.

I’ve played with Energy multiple times. He is ALWAYS willing to back down on a conquer or wreck. I’ve never seen him once fight someone who simply asked him. He even said he’d back down in that chat. It’s obvious Vahnati had no respect for his teammates in the first place if he didn’t have the decency to even ask before accusing.


Ehh… That’s between you all and Vahn. I’m just here to fight and play the game xD.
For you guys, he may have been terrible, but flip the coin, on this side he’s doing pretty alright. I guess a good leader kept him in check @Malicewolf.
Hope I haven’t hurt any feelings this era myself… :stuck_out_tongue:



They had 7 relics and 3 on the way to them. Once they died, no one saw the point of handing a dead guy a box of gold. (I’m not a pirate).

And with what you’ve stated Yousef… Then WILD shouldn’t have had a problem bringing their relic to fight us for ours overseas? :stuck_out_tongue: since we’re still alive.

All in all, it’s been a good era.
No regrets! (accept not killing Anish Mal sooner than I did) :smiley:


shush noob :pig2: go back to watch anime :pig:


Djina :heart: I’m always watching anime :smiley:


Anime you say? hmmmmmmm… :imp:


Yeah bruh I binge about 15-20 episodes a day :smiling_imp: (I know I am mad, but meh)


@djina I love u bae :heart_eyes:


Piggy missed you so much​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


I really wish I was online when that occurred, maybe i could have prevented all of this mess. And although I didn’t agree with all of Rudi’s choices leadership-wise, I still respected his decisions and dedication despite having finals and whatnot. Great guy and player, that I wish to play with again sometime down the road. :motorcycle:
and i agree with everything SWAGman says… hehe in all topics whatever it may be


See guys Uchi is a sweetheart, this is how Vahnati should be like <3


Well none of my team agreed with my attack, hence why they never helped out or attacked you. Plus there deal was with F S who at the time already disbanded joining FS, who have never been marked blue.


stabber stabber talking :pig2:


Just leave WILD out of the forum drama please.Thank you in advance ,and nice era everyone!


Your a bit late bud. Everyone stopped typing about a day ago xD


Well,better be late then never :stuck_out_tongue:




Dw buddy we’ve all been there once