E3 , Era 2 Crazy


Ikr, Beso is literally unbeatable lmfao


I actually drew with him in online chess once. My proudest moment :fire:


WOW! That’s really impressive


I know right? He died laughing :stuck_out_tongue: . Then he proceeded to rape me twice, soooooo


Lmfao, he beat me handicapped also where he had 1 minute in total to make his moves throughout the game, but then again, I’m terrible at chess.


Yeah he said I had as much time as I needed, and he had 3 min but only used half of it :open_mouth:


twice? and the only reason I stabbed is my holiday was ending I would’ve been screwed with work + school would be on 2h a day and yet u brought it to that point died while being on 2h a day:) but ofc u did well real life comes 1st for me m8;) don’t get mad or angry to any1 about a game :slight_smile: or calling them donkey :innocent: by the way I had no team even though it may have looked like it:)


To clarify to people like BK and FISH:
The one who takes all relics gets first place prize and additional 500 tokens… I know I have said this multiple times, but Blakey and FISH dont listen. Good job to the people in lool, WILD, PUTA, PUTO who have actually spilled blood , fought, and didnt run or disband. Also, good game to ICEMAN, KARL, WILD, and the people who were on our side and fought with us.


Apparently both parties got 1st place reward, which proves that BD supports boosting your ass off and not doing much else


also to shut noobs like you who would start whinning had they not gotten the prize …


Not here to brag/boast.

Here’s some clarity… (The way BD has always been 10 relics = winner)

Good Round to all who has played. Until Next time.


no, that’s NOT what determines the winner. Someone holding all 10 relics starts the countdown, that doesn’t mean they have to win. Typically relics put you a solid 15k+ above everyone else. Unfortunately for you and the rat… err I mean PLO, that wasn’t the case :frowning: . Tom did give you 2750 tokens though, so he appreciated the effort you all put in this era and your determination to not give up when all seemed lost :slight_smile:


no carter… What he says is true

in tom worlds, the team that holds “10 relics” is considered the winner
But the rewards awarded are according to ranks ( 1st -3000 2nd- 750 3rd- 500)

But this era was exceptional to tom, hence he awarded Rank 1 and Rank 2 the same amount of tokens…


why would i whine about winning orange? you should whine about losing your army to nopy of all people lmao


:frowning: Ahhhh… Nopy…


I have not played in a while so I’m unable to recall the exact amount of for each but 3k is not a wholesome which is given to the winning alliance.
If I recall its a breakup of

1)Being in top 10 individual rank
2)Being in #1 alliance
3) Holding a relic.

If I somewhat recall one gets 500 blues for holding 1 relic, forgot the distribution for (1) and (2). If anyone could enlighten me on number of tokens awarded for top 10 individual finish and #1 alliance finish.



For normal eras

Top 1 alliance - 3k tokens
Top 2 alliance - 750 tokens
Top 3 alliance - 500 tokens

Team with all 10 relics - 500 tokens


yah tbh i expected him to.give them 3.5k tokens until he said this
[04:21:22] Theo (Admin Tom): Rewards are according to ranks
[04:21:29] Theo (Admin Tom): I never said they weren’t
[04:22:01] Theo (Admin Tom): I have not changed what I said
[04:22:10] Theo (Admin Tom): Not sure where you heard otherwise from
[04:23:55] Theo (Admin Tom): The rank 1 alliance will get the rank 1 prize whether they have relics or not
[08:40:54] random nub: Kk sorry plo had bc about it that admin said that
[08:42:34] Theo (Admin Tom): what I said is that the technical winner of a bd era is the alliance who holds 10 relics
[08:42:42] Theo (Admin Tom): but ‘winner’ is just a concet
[08:42:45 | Edited 08:42:51] Theo (Admin Tom): *concept
[08:43:04] Theo (Admin Tom): it doesn’t change the ranks or the rank prizes
[08:43:15] Theo (Admin Tom): there is no formality to ‘winning’
[08:43:22] Theo (Admin Tom): because all of the formality is medals and tokens
[08:43:26] Theo (Admin Tom): and those both tie to ranks
[08:43:41] Theo (Admin Tom): it’s one of thso weird 0.0001% cases
[08:44:12] Theo (Admin Tom): people in ranks get the expected formalities of meals and tokens

but what was I expecting from Tommy, it ain’t the first time.he changed his mind this era. says something does something else like always. But who cares.


The era is over… This thread is over. Move along.

Some of you (hint hint) will likely play with or against in the future. Time to move on from this era. :grin:


can only sympathise for the players that actually want to play with you in the future, adios :slight_smile: