E3 , Era 2 Crazy


wth when did he kill me?
he only haunted me irl!!!


he wasn’t the one that locked you down middle of SA??? same era plo farmed you :seedling:


no that was beso having fun


Close this topic someone… This is getting repetitive/redundant. We’re going on and on about something that’s done (something most of you have nothing to do with.) Let this die already. The 10 relics are captured and protected, the round is OVER. Any disagreements? Take it up on another server/era.

Good game to all sides (fair or not) It was an entertaining round.



Actually you all guys made my morning.
It was 12:30 am when it all started with bangles & fell asleep with my laptop on almost at around 3:00 am while trying to explain 5142 about reds & money


donkey? I didn’t even insult u:( or trajic just said ur cute and bad at games:(


That name Traj gave you :stuck_out_tongue: and you lost from me so that makes you bad at games :stuck_out_tongue:


clap clap clap!



calm dz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: no one can win me in chess:) no need to get mad about it :kissing_heart: I respect you as a play :grin: even tho u and traj get mad about me getting bored and fighting you then calling me a donkey :sleepy:


boii get beso in here, he’d beat anyone in chess. nopy you are a donkey shhh :slight_smile:


I know few ppl who can beat you, and you calm down you cant beat Traj or me in bd, and we are not mad that you attacked, it was even funny


I know a player who can beat you in chess for sure.
Her name is tiny, if the era turned out to be a dead one , she would force all other members to play chess against her on some online chess site of hers.


u called me a donkey cus I attacked :rage: just wanted to have fun b4 my holidays end
:kissing_heart: anyways all good :sleeping: matter of fact you have me blocked on skype for attacking :cry:


I did that too waddya know :slight_smile:


:sleeping: go and do a chess tournament and see what happens there carter :confused:


ye for the same reason I literally took 1 mine and you blocked me
:joy: I just wanted to die


right 1 mine. Idk if you can count but it was actually more like 2 mines


im sorry :disappointed:


I dont have you blocked


oh sorry :sweat_smile: