E3 , Era 2 Crazy


and wait… i dont think lool got a decent hit on PLO alliance all era


Doesn’t matter what you “know” BD doesn’t care what you think you “know” they still get the win lol


so he has 1,500 ticks to kill us and still couldnt do it , with spammers, WILD, PUTA, and PUTO


i wonder who is feeding him his knowledge … wait i can give an educated guess


And this shows how your little brain works, when you want anytime ask ill give you free wins, if thats what you only care for, like i said winning isnt taking tokens and medals but thats too hard for you to understand


but getting first place reward isnt winning? are you sure he is the dumb one?


If i wanted to win, I would have stayed on ICEMAN side right? I gained nothing from attacking him and siding with PLO. And nah I dont want to win the way you do, with a “brother” alliance, a sub, a sub for your sub, a sub for your brother alliance, its just no fun!


I dont have sub and dont need it, had wars where was 5 vs us and had wars where it was 5 of us vs 1, every era is diff, and i was never crying like noobs do here, when was everyone vs us or where there was 100+ spammers, more ppl to fight more fun, and for me win is when i kill all enemies and not taking tokens and or medals, i give them to others cuz dont need tokens to win era and medals are useless, but you noobs cant understand that


okay okay u win. you arent whining. we got it. we lost , no point in arguing with a wall


Well thats’ your opinion of a win right? Because we don’t share the same opinion doesn’t mean we are small minded. And i respect your opinion, just don’t agree. I am noob tho :stuck_out_tongue: Last time i checked BD doesn’t consider that a win, it’s whoever collects all 10 relics. Oh I’m sorry i forget you guys always are careful not to call them subs they are your “brother” alliance, “sister” alliance, “Auntie, Uncle, Cousin” alliance call it what you want lol


and when i thought bd can’t get more stupid ppl it’s getting better and better, its sad they will be only one left to play…


See ya! I’m sure you’ll be missed haha :wave:


Either way, you can think of this as a win, but try to win another era without papa PLO, you will see what happens then. You say you are better than ICEMAN this era but if he had played from the start even my baby brother would know who would’ve won.

@Uch bruh you really don’t know what goes down when T plays an era, they just have allies because most people are scared and ally them, and if people complain about having brother/loyal allies alliances, remind me of the first few sentences in tutorial? “Welcome to Battledawn, a game of strategy, tactics, DIPLOMACY and skill” that should answer your complaints :wink:


ive been winning eras since the game started… but okay


Ketan has won eras too, don’t see the difference between you and him :slight_smile:


Made my night :heart: :joy:


the point is you said win eras without PLO, and i did, so i shut you down.


Anything for you bae <3


im sure a simpleton can be entertained by anything


quote what I said and realise the difference :wink: