E3 , Era 2 Crazy


And all this time I was wondering, where is Djina’s favorite word ‘noob’ ? Why hasn’t she uttered it yet.
And here it comes


Thats why admin closed E3 right? To prevent any further spammers from planting? Or thats what he told me when i asked, let me ask again
and name the “lot” of players who left to spam? more than 3 names plz
Seems your not active either if you didnt see all the spammers :confused:
Yea your right, we BOTH lost e3, failures :wink:


ICEMAN didnt complain about unfairness when there were 3+ alliances spamming us… thats none of my business tho


Im surprised people are stating ICEMAN is good. How much are they paid? Id have to be paid a lot to think 3,500 kills is good while having to spend 100+ dollars on his own boosting in just a few days. They claim it’s production, but i have had production like that and havent gone up that much power so fast


At the very least everyone knows ICEMAN is better than you :wink:


I don’t know about this specific round, but I’d also say Iceman is a good player. And he hasn’t paid me so far!


Oh yea im sure i could be a lot better than iceman if i had 200 dollars to burn. But hey, who still won? not lool


im sure he is good, but little fish is sucking em off in e3 rn and it’s just silly


You can have more reds and money than Iceman still you wont be better, its not all about reds and he dont have to pay ppl to help him


It’s just so hard to tell, with the nonstop boosting, and all his “friends” helping, but ICEMAN kicked my butt before. And regardless of boosting, you can tell he’s hyper vigilant and intelligent BUT, some trash talk doesn’t hurt hahaha
I can’t say i would’t so the same with that amount of reds however haha


It’s not new that players are complaining about ICEMAND and PLO just because they use a lot of supporter tokens.
This reminds me of a specific thread which was created against PLO.


did he win tho? so this era i was better. so not sorry


Sorry I don’t see you 1st place? You’re proud of camping on relics at sea and calling that a win? hahaha


lol i wish i was rich :frowning: i wouldnt need to go to basic training for the military and i could just play bd all day


still got more kills than u and ICE combined


well duhhh I didn’t play xD and ICEMAN planted tick 1000, doesn’t take a genius to figure why that is the case…


You don’t become rich overnight and also you don’t become rich by playing bd all day. Becoming rich in RL requires dedication intelligence and hard work and I don’t think I need to tell this, it is pretty much understood.


Taking tokens and medal isnt win, killing all enemies is and from what i know many of your enemies have armies


um? yea? i guess everyone can agree with that


so killing WILD, PUTA, PUTO , Orange, etc doesnt count as killing our enemies?