E3 , Era 2 Crazy


So how do you feel about E3? A lot of stuff going on. Word of people being paid off and Admin jumping in alliance chats (odd), ICEMAN minions being sent in, alliances changed, subs stabbing. Really interesting. Who will win?


Admins being in chats actually are quite common. It helps with ensuring no cheatimg occurs and oftem helps with discussing any issues quickly. And paying off alliances is against the rules, but often attempts are made.


LOL Malice on Current E3, Like 20 people were planted with tokens to troll Rank 1 team, And another 3 teams were bought,not to mention i heard the other 3 who are neutral have been bought too and gonna stab



That moment when you clickbait on a forum.i wanted to see some banter from e2, not boosting from e3


they can stab all they went. i see the boosting, and boosters without skills win. My production is already 3x theirs


LOL. mustve got that br right before we took your 100 crystals


i dont get it do u even see how much land and mines u lost hang on to the crystals ur dieing soon
PLO is the biggest stabber of the era had archangel as a spy in the team and made him roll back eot from a war PLo did same thing him self before :slight_smile:
Plos team biggest stabber of the era they are dying soon though so all good


xtals xtals xtals :slight_smile: i’ll be taking them later dw

for now ill just be taking your units and killing them …slowly and painfully :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


lol yea sure. We killed the PUTA fools you guys paid off easy enough. with your minions launching 12 tick deploys into our hives, i dont think you stand a chance. Regardless of how many mines you guys took, I still have way more metal and oil production . Hell, I probably still have more oil production than you have metal production. Good Day


You guys need to cheat by calling in your spam bomb boyfriends, and we just love killing them.


Plos and arch angels reds arent production just saying dont worry though ur dead soon :slight_smile:and no we didnt need spam bombers when people know what archangel and plo did they dont need much convincing most people are attacking cuz of that no1 likes to see people with no dignity win :slight_smile:


YOU DIDNT NEED SPAM BOMBERS??? LOL. You are a joke and a liar. As soon as our alliance formed, we had a few people place near us , join PUTO, and betray us. YOU STILL HAVE SPAMBOMBERS JOINING. LOL.


lol they arent spam bombs they are players who saw what plo did or were told so they decided to help thats why people stabbed u because ur a team with no dignity no1 cares if they stab u anymore :slight_smile:


lol “Creating, or having a friend create a colony completely out of nowhere to spam a bunch of outposts and colonies. Depending on the situation, the admin could very well decide to ban for this. Our only aim is to keep a fair and balanced play environment.” they have people with 30 achievements joining out of nowhere to join PUTO (traitors). And we also had another random place up north and start spamming us right outta protection… so like I said. Spam bombing.


most these guys planted for a while :smiley:
and no having some1 to place to join ur team isnt spam bombing
spam bomb is if and only if he just placed to attack having him join ur team means he is fighting with u so na not spam bombs m8 :slight_smile:
u call puto traitors u broke ur deal with them
ur the biggest traitors through the era Mr B betrayed rudis team joined PLO
Archangel betrayed his own team rolled back EOT
i like ur logic u can do worst stabs possible in bd and its ok u dont talk about it some1 stabs u and u cry :joy:


what deals did we make? Am i forgetting something. Sorry, if my team sucked and I was the only one carrying, like in Arch’s case, I’d leave too. Currently, you do have spam bombers. We got them relocated by Admin, soooo… lying again.


so its ok to turn back on ur team in a big fight?
thats why i am playing this era for noobs stabbers like u who dont even have the balls to admit what they did


if they are too unaware to get LDed. You act like its this whole ordeal about honor and commitment , but dont act like you wouldnt kick someone who died.


no we wont lol we dont kick people who died :smiley:
and yeah for me it is same for a lot who are doing this
u seem to forget the fact that they were going to an LD to kill PLOs army on a WINNING fight
but archangel rolled back EOT and relocated to AA left team killed his team
ur crying about stabbing while u did this u had a spy in enemy team and its not first time PLO does this thats why u wont win m8 people wont let u :slight_smile: