E3 Era 100 Discussion


Another era, another forum post!

A couple teams planted on each other in Asia while a few more are spread out across the globe. Maybe it’ll be an interesting one!



Looks absolutely boring.


I agree. Next era pls.


era was over hyped for no reason.


Tick 55

H4te is fighting both SB and HaTe, with only 2 members left standing in Europe.
Kush is fighting both RIP and TROL in NA, and also fighting TROL in Africa.


The Rip alliance looks like ketan but who knows xD


Tick 119

TROL is at war with HaTe and SB, and are currently fighting around Africa. TROL has pushed up deeply in NA, but now have a truce with Kush.

4E is at war with SB, and has begun pushing into Africa, and has expanded throughout AA.



Africa Being invaded.
Rain is coming down


Hopefully they don’t take 5 ops and leave like last time.


Tick 291

The war between SGC+4E against AK+RIP rages on! 4E had all 9 active members send their armies to try to kill 5 AK members. RIP quickly took advantage of the lack of defense and send several dozen squads into AA where they were completely defenseless. After realizing their gates would never unjam, 4E turned back and has continued fighting the 5 AK members hoping to get a kill. However, they lost a couple armies, and 2 of their members have so far been conquered by RIP.

On the African front, SGC has pushed into West Africa, but has been unable to take control of many ops. An AFK member was killed. Currently they are massing on an single op and sleeping.