E3 discussion (charactersnstuff)


when things r not right…MAKE EM right :stuck_out_tongue:


Psi u suck hahah xD
He thinks no one can be active, u think that ur alone active… Such a boasty guy


Nub backstabber xD … Nubby nub


This is funny. Yes I placed to win but my activity was going to drop at tick 500 so according to my plan I had to beat everyone else before tick 500 to basically control the world before the drop in activity. And I wonder why you think your meager spamming made me lose morale. I’m not the type of player who feeds off morale , I look at things in black and white ( simply put I assess if I can resolve the situation or not) and honestly you were not a problem at all so don’t let it get to your head.

Yes I lost, not really what I’d call fairly when a player plants 5 full alliances of good boosting players all over the map in a 2 man world ( kind of cowardly I’d say), even if I was fully active it was definitely going to be difficult to overturn that but i don’t need to say much further…Congrats to whoever wins.

I’ll be back for a full era next time.


@Psi Of Tand @TheAmazingMrO of T. Well done boys. T family win once. igjnore the talking donkey, poor boy really believes he is good.


Yeah igjnore noobs…they kake funny msgs…tanti turb Traj fans :joy:


ahhhh, the good ol days of bd


This boy is ur Dad. :slight_smile: