E3 discussion (charactersnstuff)


@djina another one in tragic’s “I quit” compilation.


That’s why I quit, nobody likes me enough to give me a chance :frowning:




@Commander_Neutron if u really are as good as u say u are. why is it that ive always seen u on the loosing side?? o.O


ps- @Legacy whenever u decide to play again lmn. i might be free :slight_smile:

i want to play with u :smiley:


@sasuke96 Will do! Also lmk if y ou come to seattle!


See Cedric, just keep on playing and doing well and you’ll meet new folks.


or u will get bullied and called fat for entire era but atleast u will win!


Cedric been playing for a long time , i know him when justin got him to join us for some troll eras. I remember he was with us in CE2 and then later joined Colins alliance ROME and then maybe joined Malice MOO alliance later.


How many times have you seen me play sir?

Honestly this isn’t a discussion I want to get into because I’ve only played 2 eras on .com ( lost one , quit on one ) and I don’t have anything to prove to you just yet.

I’ll be back for the Christmas break to play one or two eras maybe you can assess me then. ( I’m a noob though)


Poor O


Poor Karl Keep the boost bar up…




poor O? u killed Karl and some other noob who was not me lol

keep fishing multi


Ik its u noob , Dark Trajic hahahaah
How it feels by calling urself a nub


Dude I’m mr calOries… I had medals showing for most of era lol


this made me giggle, but its true and worth it.


In other news:

Anish Mal the god is banned??!! :scream:



It wasn’t trajic :scream:

@Legacy I saw what u had wrote on that big chat on the day Dante decided to give up the era. You got the potential, you’re a good player and has the activity to improve ur gameplay and be better. And I agree with @trajic1 every time u play, you do well. Sadly you aren’t on good teams or teams that have a good leader that can lead u to be better.

Nothing against @Misfit, I just think he still needs to improve his leadership skills, I couldn’t see much of his gameplay last era but this one he did really good with his activity even tho we didn’t fight.

About Mandark, even tho u’ve killed me on my fail on eot. I have no respect for you as a cheater, free to use 3 accs. (Yeah, I don’t believe on this thing called brothers, cousins, dogs, cats and etc), it’s annoying. And still he can’t win sh*t.

For the rest, thanks for the era and to keep fighting. This era was funny at start, top ranks dying early game was kinda weird.

Special thanks to @TheAmazingMrO, for carrying me and to @trajic1 my feeder <3


This era was dumb fun :stuck_out_tongue:

First it started with beef, TheBurner rank 1 and everyone dissin him on the forums for stabbing :frowning:

Then literally everyone in the top 4 got conquered and quit/never recovered.

MK took rank 1 only to be conquered and wrecked too. :pray:

After that Baz and Legacy’s teams had the top spots, only for Felipe and Mr. O to rise up along with allies like Karl (and some other noob) and took them down.

Mandark and a few random SA/NA teams died too at some point. I built a wall. Shubham has NA for now :wink:

Interesting era for sure.


this shows something
u were surely not gonna stop playing after tick 500

u lost fair and square

and on battle dawn(not kong ofc :p) u dont loose the chance to end high until u actually loose the morale that’s what u did…getting killed by psi and karl from aussie…u guys moved back to aussie and we started taking the stuff back and u lost the whole morale as u lost asia,NA,GL,SA

Have a good day lol