E3 discussion (charactersnstuff)


Well Where there is Battle Dawn, There are stabs
Deal with it kid,
Dont like it?
Come fight me.

There isnt much difference.
You are boosting (blues.)
Im not boosting except start.
You got mines ,So do i.

Lets fight.

Anyways instead of personal
Issues lets get back on topic.
Update on World.


SAIL will give you a home.


that is’nt boostingggg…?? yeaaaaah definitely
i dont boost
click click "power raises by 6"
i dont!
click click

carter’s conversation with you shows who is the one who needs to grow a ball dude
@Carter and @Alfie both are great players so i can understand why u felt intimidated but dont go with the bs that u didnt stab or go around calling them noobs


I respect both as players.
But Carter DID ask me for a top 3 finish,
I would have given him that but since I heard about carter being a usual backstabber.
I had to be paranoid and decided to stab myself.

I really AM not boosting , I boosted tick 1. And some blues later.

Plus please not more T guys flaming the forums to save Carter. I got no grudge against anyone.
I was called out and I defended myself. Accpeted my stab and told why i did it.


Well I’m not a T guy so I can flame. You should have kept them as an ally you’ll need it.


You’ve wrecked your chances with multiple groups, good luck in any future eras with those teams in.
@Greeny Me and @Carter will hit you up tomorrow, thank you for the offer :slight_smile:


I Dont need allies.
Its supposed to be a 2 man world
1 or 2 allies max
Not a sub farm world.

wow I like how the small BD community has killed the few solo players.
Kill Someone from A family. Whole family trolls you till you quit. Then that family asks its friend Family to do same and same goes on


u all of a sudden went from
TICK 1 REDS and some blues
make up your mind nibba.
As for me being here, carter didnt ask me to come defend him or support him
ive known him long enough to know he doesnt stab friends

battle hugging… please dont even go there, carter fought mutliple teams last era. He does’nt have to prove to any1 his worth.
after a era like that if some1 wants to settle for 3rd i dont see whats wrong there. ITS NOT BATTLE HUG, they are not asking u to hand them the 3rd position. All they wanted to convey with top 3 was they were’nt a god damn threat.
But you do your own thing, keep that paranoid mind of yours running cause u never know when some1 else might just do that to you :wink:
Cheers :smiley:


I mean their not in my family and I find it funny you over freaking out. Solo or not learn how to make deals with people :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, On a team world , id make deals
On two man Naw Id rather make few allies and kill the rest,
Starting with my continent,
Which happaned to be Carter.


I guess this is the only thing I can’t follow through on, since I just can’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:

We were your allies lol. You stabbed us. I hate repeating myself man :\ You can make up all the excuses in the world. But you got the label now.

and this is just lies. y’all can go back through the posts


Damn Im tired of all this brain damage these posts give me.


Friends backing friends on forums in like normal , is much better to see when friends fight each other , thats when the Darkest secrets comeout :heart_eyes:


this seems like it’s gonna be an interesting era.


when you realized you fucked up so you say the posts are giving you brain damage

And to put my 2 cents in, both @Alfie and @Carter are good, honorable players. Sure they may talk smack on forum but honestly both of them have a generally good rep for a reason. They’re both good players and great people. Hell even @sasuke96 said good words about Alfie, and when you consider the rivalry that T and SGC had and still have to a degree that’s pretty big.

Sorry, but you dealt the wrong hand against the wrong people. You might have a short term advantage on this era but doubtful this’ll be forgotten. Breaking a nap or ally literally hours after it was created? The blatant lies you’re posting? Man, what were you thinking…




burner you’re such a bloody hypocrite.

you claim you’re playing it truly as a two man team then admit you brought WC as your ally and told carter you were building up an array of allies to fill all the top 10 spots. that IS hugging you priddling prat.

and you claim you’re collecting all these allies incase someone brings an empire? you ARE the person who is making the empire.



what goes around comes around. thats karma for u @TheBurner

@Carter GJ (like) secretly hoping tacticsoft supports this skype emoji :stuck_out_tongue:

this is just too god damn hillarious lol xD


Ridiculously short term advantage…


they died quicker than I ejaculate