E3 discussion (charactersnstuff)


This is a 2 man team



tick 4…


Why not a 2 women team?


also that

or one man one woman :wink:


I prefer watching two women.



maybe we can change the direction of this conversation?


tick 57


Exuro is @TheBurner, if anyone cares. Literally attacks us half a day after allying with us, he’s also allied with WC in SA. Normally I don’t give a shit about this but it just seems so pointless after he spent so long talking with @Carter about diplo and stuff and literally pointing out stuff for us to get

Idc enough about the era to do anything but good luck to everyone in it.


Thanks for calling me out bud.
Really appreciated.
But probably everyone knows Exuro is me :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean its obvious Exuro is Burner in latin, My forum pic says Latin .

And youre probably just retarded when you let people build gates right next to you. Stop trying to cry for help.
Man up and fight, Yes i dont do hugs and hand out ranks like you asked me for.


Wouldn’t respond but now you’re lying too.

Vik talked shit about me and you use that as evidence to stab.

You’re just greedy.[quote=“TheBurner, post:9, topic:3896”]
And youre probably just retarded when you let people build gates right next to you.

Trusting allies is really a sin huh.

Neither of us care about ranks, we aren’t boosting either.

You’re the one who tried to get us to just “build for top 3” as compromise.

[4:03:57 AM] Carter ♔: nice
[4:05:47 AM] ~.:Ţhę Bųŕňęŕ:.~ ❦ ~: Sorry need the land.
And I got a lot of bad feedback about you. Stabbing and stuff. Can’t risk a stab.
[4:05:56 AM] Carter ♔: what
[4:05:58 AM] Carter ♔: from who
[4:05:59 AM] Carter ♔: lol
[4:06:04 AM] Carter ♔: land I get
[4:06:06 AM] Carter ♔: but wait
[4:06:12 AM] Carter ♔: I got a rep
[4:06:14 AM] Carter ♔: as a stabber?
[4:06:15 AM] Carter ♔: :stuck_out_tongue:
[4:06:22 AM] ~.:Ţhę Bųŕňęŕ:.~ ❦ ~: Yeah
[4:06:28 AM] ~.:Ţhę Bųŕňęŕ:.~ ❦ ~: Vik told me
[4:06:34 AM] Carter ♔: vik doesn’t know anything about me
[4:06:40 AM] Carter ♔: hes always been an asshole
[4:06:42 AM] Carter ♔: for no reason
[4:06:43 AM] Carter ♔: idk why
[4:06:43 AM] ~.:Ţhę Bųŕňęŕ:.~ ❦ ~: He saw you stab not once but twice
[4:06:51 AM] Carter ♔: ive never even talked to him before
[4:07:05 AM] Carter ♔: he just hates me
[4:07:05 AM] ~.:Ţhę Bųŕňęŕ:.~ ❦ ~: Yes I agree vik is cocky. But can’t risk stab
[4:07:07 AM] Carter ♔: lol
[4:07:11 AM] Carter ♔: alright
[4:07:13 AM] Carter ♔: you do you
[4:07:20 AM] ~.:Ţhę Bųŕňęŕ:.~ ❦ ~: If you agree to give us land and conqs
[4:07:29 AM] Carter ♔: nah dude u did the stab
[4:07:31 AM] Carter ♔: don’t pussy out
[4:07:32 AM] Carter ♔: take it all
[4:07:33 AM] Carter ♔: lol
[4:07:38 AM] ~.:Ţhę Bųŕňęŕ:.~ ❦ ~: I don’t mind you sitting and building.for top 3
[4:07:43 AM] Carter ♔: why would I do that
[4:07:52 AM] Carter ♔: i don’t play bd to hug it out
[4:08:02 AM] Carter ♔: or to “build”
[4:08:13 AM] Carter ♔: tell vik he can smd
[4:08:22 AM] ~.:Ţhę Bųŕňęŕ:.~ ❦ ~: I guess.good luck. No hard feelings mate. Atleast not from me
[4:08:31 AM] Carter ♔: right


You’re right, my Latin is rusty sorry.

I kind of didn’t expect people to stab literally hours after they make an agreement. You could’ve attacked from tick 1 and you’d have got the same result. Just letting people know not to bother talking with you
And win an actual era where boosting past everyone won’t get you the win and then come back to me about manning up and fighting.


Well First of im not boosting,
BY conquering noobs like you who try to hug the era.
and AI, I got what you call an income, That enables me to have units.
So yeah not boosting except a few reds for headstart.

Asking for third.
Simple Hug.
Like at tick 30 he wants to settle for 3rd. How about try hard? and maybe win.


Mate you literally said “I’ve ran out of reds except for emergencies” so clearly you aren’t just getting income from conquers. And you can bitch about hugging all you want, you’re rank 1 and you’re allied with rank 2, shut up


oi u wanna play he said she said lets go

funny if you read the message i never mentioned 3rd. Top 3 is a reasonable goal for a team that isn’t boosting or going very hard. And you have 2 teams, you and WC. If you had remained loyal to your allies we would have fought our way to the top 3 since you would ofc gaurentee top 3 to ur other team. If you’re gonna make points make good ones.

Ur a stabber based on some evidence from someone who has always disliked me. Right.


Wait WC is with me.
And theyre good thats why theyre rank two.
I didnt expect them to be rank 2 when they planted and they were not rank 2 when world started.
Whats wrong with Having one ally on a world with over 10 competitive teams.
Thats not hug thats diplo
Settling for rank is what you call Hug.


Nice you’re still on the “hug” thing which isn’t even true

Dude at least own up that you stabbed us right after becoming allies. I hate lil bitches who can’t own up to anything at all the most.

You’re a stabber and can’t be trusted. Simple


I never said, I did not stab.
You had it coming.
Karma’s real , You stab on other worlds youre known as stabber, Obviously i aint sitting and waiting for you to stab me, I stab you in time.

However Im Not so low as to:
Kill Someone who i planted with/Teammate
Stab a team for no reason (Honourable Team)
But yes if you have a reputation for stabbing ,Im surely not waiting for you to stab me.
I nip you in the bud.


Give me examples of when I’ve stabbed. My actual friends can put in a good word for me but I think but the only time I stabbed was when a kid from galaxy pissed me off.

Keep your excuses coming man. You can’t own up to it.


Sure .
Its nice to be called out for playing BD.
Its a two man world. And im serving its purpose.
Just one ally to watch my back and gonna fight the world.

So whats wrong with killing off a team 8 ticks to me?
Who apparently want to be 'era long allies’
And try ‘top 3’




this will be my last post since you’re kina dense

You don’t even know what hugging is apparently. Stabbing a team for no reason at all other than, like I said, someone told you I’m not cool is still stabbing. YOU asked to be allied and we agreed. You broke that literally less than 24h later. Stop making excuses[quote=“Carter, post:16, topic:3896”]
I hate lil bitches who can’t own up to anything at all the most.