E3. 4 man teams

Lets play Battledawn!


Tick 33


seaweed ur addicted to the game man :frowning:


That sounds like a very bad idea


Seaweed, which one of those nerds is you?

Ugh shit you are right about that.

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I am the one named Seaweed.

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those are the worse. the ones named Seaweed.

I am just a damn plant trying to make a living with ai colonies.

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My colony is planted, let the trolling begin

I am afraid to like that post.

Don’t worry, you aren’t my target. I don’t even have a target haha. Just gonna see what happens, probably spend some reds because I’ve lost control of my life, and go from there.

http://prntscr.com/ivjqat Tick 97.

Looks like LOL has a commanding presence and right in the center.

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Control over Africa right at the start is always a great advantage. 7 seems to be spreading into Aussie from AA as well. Looks to be an interesting era. Hopefully there’s some wars and not a bunch of relic handing!

Best of luck!

Oh most definitely, Haku is at war with LOL, CN, ABCD

oh, that’s great to hear. I expect some BR’s!

Spoiler alert: Coming soon to a forum near you.

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Haku’s been retreating constantly for over a day, finally got a battle report. The only problem is it’s from me suiciding while I couldn’t get online. Still did good damage considering 1v2. https://imgur.com/a/VITQd

In other news Cedric stabbed LOLS and now we’re trying to deal with that while bd has connection issues :frowning:

LMAO, Yeah, we’re retreating to kill ur dear brother alliance.

And that’s from ur death. Good battle. Tala Moana.


Well, he got conquered in SA and rage quit. So…

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Considering you greatly outnumbered me, I think I did pretty well, you have no armour left and are now open to any attacks :slight_smile: