E2E84 dicsussion thread


Yeah thats me. For the other one i dont know never knew someone else with my name existed here.


Want me to add you to our mass BD chat?
You can interact with other old players like Gaurav,Apollo,Alex, psi, etc over there.


Yes add me there it will be nice to see all the guys I spent so much time with and how they been :blush:


Some technical problem in my Skype, I’m adding you but you aren’t getting added.I’ll get someone else to add you.

@Gaurav @Alexander or maybe @BaBaBaBaBane can any of you add edi to our mass chat?


He probably blocked you, just saying


Tick 182

Nothing much has really changed, except all alliances have expanded and taken their own swathes of territory. No wars to be heard of, just lots of building units and sharpening of swords.


Well I’m able to send him message, so I don’t think he has blocked me?I’m not sure since I haven’t been in the block list of lot of people. Also this mobile Skype has a lot of bugs actually.

Precisely only 2 players blocked me till now and both have unblocked me and my relation with both of them is good.

Thanks for sharing your thought though.


Tick 423

ELXR and SOUL (now Trol) started fighting then S3X jumped in and invaded africa. It seems that after a lock killing 40 squads of SOUL, several members jumped ship and the rest stopped fighting. (pretty much nothing happened except everyone built up between now and the last update)


Update: S3X has mopped up and killed 95% of TROL armies. Only those that switched alliances into ELXR remain. Will that be enough to save them?

ELXR has grown also significantly in power after vulturing spoils from S3X kills on TROL members as well as taking in a few powerful defectors from the previously rank 1 TROL.


can we see the latest map aswell to get a better understanding??




Another update.

At tick 550, S3X declared war on ELXR due to the fact that their NAP was over and also because they took in enemies and vultured on conquers. 28 ticks into the war , 1 ELXR member has been conquered and one army killed. Europe has mostly been taken over by S3X and ELXR members are running into Asia to regroup. Can there be a turn in the tide for ELXR?


ive got a dozen or so brs of dead squads of ELXR since they have been spamming with full squads and not checking to see what i defend with i guess


seems like a boring era


yeah it kinda is, well, for me its perfect cause im waaay to inactive xD but still got a minor minor kill


Tick 733 Update

S3X now toying with what is left of ELXR. ELXR armies have been boxed into a corner and will soon be taken down slowly.

Map Update

Player Rankings



Want to hear a joke? I made this thread, and I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten deleted on E2 already. Or am about to. Too lazy to check.


Well update time I guess. Tick 969. ELXR are now fully dead. Some delicious BRs on dusk and their other members are available but not too interesting to post since they never stood much chance in the war. Some ELXR members build up and spam intermittently but nothing too serious.

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Well era ended everyone. Thanks for staying with us for the boring ride. I really hope E2 does get more competitive in the near future. It’s a really decent world speed to play.
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