E2E84 dicsussion thread


Hey all, so I heard last E2 was a bit of a snooze and an easy win for the lads in SGC. I figured I would make a new one here to dicuss the current era. My screen is too small to screenshot for whatever reason, but there appears to only be a couple legit alliances formed. 2-3 perhaps. Goodluck all, and I’ll be JW this era, so if you need a merc, let me know!


Tick 26


well for one it seems this era has a very slow begining, thank god there aint no heavy early boosting going on


whats wrong with heavy boosting? ):


Absolutely nothing. It’s the only way scrubs like me win :smiley:


@BurningApollo and me,

@Excel just seems better that way, one era where no boosting is allowed/ possible, would be fun cause it would all comedown to how active players are and their coordination.


the sweetest victories are when you win from an unfavorable position. boosting doesn’t make a player better, only amplifies their engagement. you can always win without boosting


Don’t lie, you’ve never won an era without hard boosting


i mean i dont consider myself a hard booster. depending on a serious era lets say 1k reds, and 1.5-2k blues, which i dont consider hard boosting and i have ended top 3 nearly every era ive won with you so its not like im carried. and ive won 3 eras without anything but blues this year


Lmao u got no chilllll


funny thing is ive played with him in like every era hes played in for the past like 4 months lmfaoooo :confused:


Btw you new to bd , i can’t help but think of another excel lmao


well there is another Excl named Jesse but ive been around for like 5 years or so


ah fair enough ,.lkl


could very well be me ur thinking of but idk. we ran into each other on m3 several times many years ago i think? can never be sure eras blend


most likely yeah ,



this is probably the worst meme attempt i have ever seen bane


Been a long time since the last time i visited Battle Dawn. Is there any old timers still around playing?
I see Apollo still around :grinning:


You are the SoLD edi or the other one?
Welcome back!