E2 War Topic Feb 2017


When you wake up 1min late to launch army for war :(:frowning:

Dommy got Destroyed

Ahhh the bloody battles


Now THAT is what I like to see! (except for the fact that some of the peeps I trained seem to be very disorganized :joy:)
Great screenshots! Love seeing BR’s and stats posted


Who did you train?. Im pretty sure FAI1 was premade, and we were not. Well atleast i wasn’t.


Fei, conhor, ikillu, ponk. I’ve played with Energy, but I wouldn’t say I trained him by any means. Don’t know who Fei Fei is, but considering they named themselves that, I assume they are also one of my members under alias.


Fei fei is dommy,i think?


Oh, that noob. Nah, he’s not one of mine :joy:


Ah my random shitpost from our f3 chat got so many replies! I love the activity on the new forum :smiley:

This is dommy’s reaction to all this:


Here’s feitan’s :joy:


Ahhh Earth 2 :joy: that was a fun era to watch lately.


They were very cocky. And Fei tone of talking was rude too. all i got to say is get rekt. They also knew we were going to attack cuz they BC’ed about the 1030 plan. and they put half their army on a relic in our territory :stuck_out_tongue: haha


There I was thinking the era was over and I could concentrate on my school work… And then this shit happened. Those battles were a complete eyesore though…

Edit: I was in the middle of a day of interviews at a uni when shit hit the fan too… But it was still a decent war when I could get online. :slight_smile:


http://prnt.sc/ecbg13 this was pretty funny too


Well played guys

Only a few fought the final war properly

But the era isnt over yet …
Watch out for the stabbers!


Whoever believed that ofc ! :joy:


Everyone that was apart of JFF (HINI) was garbage.


and what does that say about FAI1?


Oh wow you won a war 5v1 and you backstabbed let me get you a cookie


You could have made more allies if you weren’t so rude. A reason we warred is Fei was really cocky and rude.
And stop calling every war you cant win a backstab


I wasn’t in FAI1, but I know for a fact you guys stabbed Wolf during the era, and became butt buddies with HINI. Ya’ll childish shhhh