E2-Era83 Yummy Yummy

Tick 4
Party down in AUS!


I mean, we all know Aus is the best country in the world


dibs in AVG.

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africa looking like a chug jug amirite

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Tick 18

Stuff is looking more exciting now that alliances have started to fill in their territories now. A couple more groups have shown up like rank 5 CATA etc

In 2 ticks a lots changed.

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top 3 are all real close

Yeah. 2 are back at the top again now that they have 10 members. Their leader is also conquered already.

someone using my alliance tag smh

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he got conquered by two brand new accounts that planted and rushed 120 units. one account got banned, the other is still up. another brand new account that had been spamming another member got banned at the same time.

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Tick 27

smells like @zain :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe Excel offered 1500 reds to anyone who could beat him this era? :thinking:


only to neutron to beat me

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Tick 38

Tick 50
2 and MASH are at war, and a MASH player has been conquered, another lost their army, and another in Saudi Arabia had to relocate away. AaH has won the disco party in AUS, and seems to be expanding their territory in Asia and AA. HYLC has a MAD member conquered in AA, but it seems they are not warring each other further. CATA has expanded their territory in NA.

7 brand new accounts have been placed against 2, all rushing 33-43 units and launching at colonies within a single tick! Still hasn’t been able to stop anything. (ur garbage).

Battle on MASH colony:

Battle on WTC Tower 2 colony by spammers/multies:

Battle on WTC Tower 1 colony by spammer/multi:

Fade/edward got spanked by the twin towers yikes


Tick 78

Done (Formerly MASH) has been pushed back and generally conquered by AG (formerly 2). AG expands its territory throughout asia and africa. MAD has expanded and consolidated territory in the americas. AaH has jumped up the rankings and expand their territory in asia. HYLC have continued to build up in AA.

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Mad now controls NA and SA with Grim as our sub


Tick 93

MASH/DONE has now been almost completely conquered, with only a couple players on the outskirts still surviving. AG has continued to push into europe/africa.

MAD has put up some OPs in africa, but has not continued into the continent. MAD has also said in BC that they are going to have two former MASH players join their alliance, and a former MASH sub member who have all been fighting AG.

AaH and HYLC are at war in AA, with one isolated HYLC member conquered.

Looks pretty lame, rank 2 and 1 have decent spots, rank 3 has a crappier spot, if they’re active they can easily kill the rank 1. Rank 2 has a safe location but rank 1 can expand faster if they have good players.