E2 - Era 86, Tick 498 but it just started


Paper, learned it a long time ago


Thanks for being so cool about it, gg


This hasn’t aged well. https://prnt.sc/mx2io3
You should feel pretty bad this dude has full blown quit. He was pretty active for a noob too.

(MikotoSouh has gone FTW on F1 and has been bank rolling trolls to place and conquer players)


And your member did just the same to me…

Also he got banned for trying to hack peoples accs

Do i need to say more in my defence


Messaging people asking for their username and password isn’t ‘hacking’ because the access would then be authorised.


So if he did nothing wrong why did he get banned?


here are parts of what he said to me:

i also like what he thougth about you:


A bit of salt here and a bit of salt there makes the sauce taste better.

Good to see stabbers fighting stabbers and crying about it too.:rofl:


When did i ever stab?


When did any of us stab, actually?


Hey, I’m just pointing out obvious inconsistencies. If Mikoto Souh really cared about the state of the game, he wouldn’t be placing trolls next to colonies and bank rolling them like Al Qaeda, when he already has more squads than we do.
Of course, when someone uses dirty tactics against someone with a Best of all time, it’s despicable, but it’s ok to bully noobs out of the game. You boys need to go get that cognitive dissonance checked out, seems pretty serious.


I didn’t say he did nothing wrong, I said he wasn’t hacking.

I like that too Mikoto, because it is entirely true. He was racist, anti-semitic, useless and just a bit of an all round prick. I’m surprised it took so long for him to get banned. The fact I tolerated him until tick 150 is simply a testimony to my dedication to the art of mentoring and the fostering of new players.

Actually, maybe his opinions aren’t all bad. He had some pretty good ones on you spending $2000 on a flash game and waking up every hour. Oh and the best one is how you call yourself a ‘pro troller’. Man, your mother must be so proud of her pro bank roller.


so much salt, coz he getting ganged up on a game


We’ll let you live if you stab your team on f1. Make sure to conquer a couple first though! Should be easy, you have the experience doing it :smiley:


Is this salt? Seems more like I’m just calling you a loser mate.

Nice one Nefarso, did you get your originality from the same place Mikoto got his sense of purpose in life?