E2 - Era 86, Tick 498 but it just started


Thanks to share with me your life. For me:
i did only 6 tic shield and slept kinda 8h (8*2tiker=16 tic).
Then i did my pry, gone coffee, talked in chat group of other servers…& talked in phone in forest near my house.
And u guys still afraid being traped from 3 of us by runing.

@ShockWave big up


you army is pretty scary what can we do, its all AV :frowning:


ya my 90 score army comming for you now


A truckload of reds and a bit of activity can have that effect yeah lmao


a bit of activety :confused:
i belive im more active then most tbh, whole e5 longest i was ever off was when i had a dedicated watcher and never any longer then 5 ticks at a time.
most of the era i was on every 2 tick


im just the messenger here so dont shoot me everyone:
(this was posted on skype and i figured i would post it here)

Nefarso 17.30:
im fucking pissed i cant make a new forum account I can’t make a forum account for whatever reason, so I’ll just commentate here on the current e2. I honestly can’t believe the absolute ridiculousness of feeling the need to ask a 700 power alliance to join in the fight against a 300 power alliance while you had 1800 power and the income of most of the world.

Any excuse trying to claim you got LS to fight because one player was dropped to add armor (which happened long before you asked LS to join) is entirely superfluous. You cannot claim that you are bringing them in to fight dirty back when you took so long to get them to join.

Just admit what it actually was, an attempt to take the easy way out because you were tired and couldn’t handle a real fight, even against an insanely underpowered alliance. It was a coward’s move, and don’t try to convince yourself otherwise.

You had 7 members conquered, had HAKU fighting for you already, had NUKE being e farms for you, and had more than double our squads in our area at all times all while still pushing in HINI in NA. 6 of those 7 members were nuked to 0 workers, and the other members were on their way to being nuked to 0 workers.

It’s a sad sight to see when seemingly respected and skilled players have turned into cowards when getting the mere semblance of a fight. I would love to see you guys in an actual war without 3 alliance giving support and see you crumble.

If you complain about the state of the game, you can only blame yourselves for making it this way with your pitiful behavior.


I’m not the ‘boss of BDA’ I just do not know how to remove the tag next to my name.

(edit) thank you whoever did it for me!


@Nefarso, I relocated to you with 0 units. You couldn’t travel 5 ticks and conquer me before I made enough units to kill your 124 vehicles? You prioritized grabbing mines and oil fields rather than conquering me and destroying my income. Golden opportunity wasted by trash player.


Lol so if I went to him and said “yeah you aren’t the one using your acct just admit someone else is using it for you” would I be right in assuming that?

What a mug he is XD


i dont know, im not sure i understood you? you think its my acc?


Nefarso is irrelevant, tell him to stop wasting everyone’s time. What a toxic person


basically, I can spout bullshit too, doesn’t make it true lmao


Finally was able to make an account through my phone, it wasn’t letting me on any browser I tried.

This is absolutely laughable. Here are some of the brs of the troops in the area.

(can only post one image per post? other army was zealot’s 19ish squads)

Not to mention that rip mac also had 10ish squads of his own in the area, and there were several squads i didn’t get the BR of, and several squads i also killed. Don’t be a moron and pretend like you wouldnt have a shield ready to trap me or troops to match me if I made a play for your colony.

nope, im real, im here. Can talk to me on skype if you’d like live:nhhelp. what a mug.

i suicided hours ago after LS joined. not wasting anyones time.

everything i said was true. Like I said, you can only blame yourselves for the state of the game.

All in all, no one attempted to refute what I said, because its all true. You are cowards; no need to pretend to be brave and strong. You wanted an easy out and took it.


Yes yes of course you are correct pal. BD is very proud of you. Thanks for your input.


Hey man, idk, seems like someone built non-vehicle troops after there was 120+ squads around the map of pure beam inf? Seems like some good decisions to me. I killed off many squads, including your own team mates with the tank squads I pumped out when the attacking commenced.

Oh wait now that I’m re-reading, I think you meant that the part that he had units in the area? This is false babe. You forgot to jam gates, so I’m not sure if you’re new, but you can gate armies from around the world? Carters troops were of course already there trying to contain “Dad”.

hehe not like you really did anything boo xx, as I stated in the bc, you were going to be contained, and you have been. Thank you, next.


I had used up most of my E jamming and scanning for the others while I was building. I didn’t have the E to jam everything all at once as there were numerous gates in the area. He relocated once the armies had been gated in. Also, idk if you are new or something, but and even if he had gated before the armies had arrived, there was more than enough time with full shield to get any amount of squads to his defense if i went suicide and sat on his shield. Pretending to be idiotic doesn’t suit you i’m afraid.

I killed several squads, could have kept chipping away and wasting time but you decided to cry and call in a 3rd support alliance after having a 1500 power lead. Don’t pretend to be good when you need to be propped up. Sigh I know it’s hard for your fragile egos to be insulted when you get so much help, but take it with stride, friends. Be better next time. Don’t have 3 alliance supporting you.


ahh my mistake, I didn’t realise you were an e farm. Thought you had just sat all era and was sitting on a juicy 500e.

Please read above bby, I hate repeating myself


Had to run a manual sim for the first time in a while, quick maths ftw


that’s pretty cool

did you create a tool to do this? or was it paper math?


Thanks to FH for giving us this pleasure. We enjoyed.
Continue, keep it up.
Your decline on our Top3 at begining of era, was the right choice.

Next eras so, hopefully for more fun, with our hot admin Joe.