E2 - Era 86, Tick 498 but it just started


There was no complaint about this up until now btw. It’s about having all of that and then still personally calling in an alliance that has more squads than your active enemy. You are right though. At some point a person should realize when there is no point anymore and should let it go.

P.S. Just so I don’t sound completely salty. GG. You guys (I think we can all admit, mostly Faker) kept us down quite well with the nukes and active defense early on. Never really gave us a good chance to build an army that could actually try to come back and win. Sorry @Zealot for breaking the promise. As I said on skype, @yozius is someone that I’ve known for just too long and have asked so much of in the past to not help at the end after they got stabbed. I’d not of felt right talking to him again if I hadn’t. HINI is just a name at this point used by 1-3 former HINI or HINI sub members. For the past few years its almost always just been randoms with 1-3 decent players. They play to have fun and meet folks. Hope Pano Keith keep showing up and playing.


like me, i dont consider my self verry good, but im active, i boost i figth and have fun. and if i die at least i die w a smile as long as the figth was good or fair.

but i guess i should stick to solo coz even vs teams all one need to do is beat ppl 1v1 unlike here where its 30 vs 10


As alfie points out, and you seem to have not read;

They were fine staying neutral, we were fine with them staying neutral. I’m guessing you begged them to join just a little to hard (shrug).

Once again, we were a solo team. Nuke started off with seaweed and one other some days into the era. Then randoms just started joining. I think they fired, what 3 nukes at you guys? While also giving you like 4 ops cause they werent active enough to defend them after planting. The other team i’m assuming you mean LS? Once again as alfie pointed out, and as once again you’ve seem to just ignore,?, LS were an early era enemy, who were promptly killed off. After this fact, they asked if they could just sit and build armour, and we obliged.


I assume theres a 3rd “sub” (but not really a sub, because we have no subs?) you’re talking about. I would like to be informed, so i can message them about this great achievement!

I personally don’t see how doing it over and over again when you’re this far behind, is “fun”. But I guess I’m a bit more attached to my money, and each to their own.

This is what happens on an initially dead world and you kill all the competition? I personally think that’s a job well done. I know you like planting late and killing everyone, but this time we just happened to do it before you guys wanted to waste your time.

Yes nice Yoz! You’ve managed to hold off 3 members. (and by hold off, I mean being slowly pushed back into the corner and having to relocate to save your locked and dmgd armies). Make sure you thank Papi G that the other 7 members aren’t there.

Either way, I haven’t enjoyed this era at all. Knowing that your time and tokens is just being wasted is not what I call fun.


3rd sub HAKU or is it just by chance they attacked us when we attacked you guys and that you have let them live and build ops?


No offense to you guys but all respect was lost when you planted colonies to rush and spam. At that point I asked LS for help just to show you guys what you’re missing out on. You can carry on complaining but really you were ready to use anything dirty. Trajic and Felipe are my babes forever but Gaurav and Mikoto need to stop bitching lol.


I mean its your babes that had those colonies planted for some armor. But lol alright. Be angry that god forbid you had to deal with 5 more armor squads…


My babes aren’t the ones bitching in the forum Gaurav. Take responsibility or stop complaining lmao


Hey now I just commented on you losing respect due to the colonies planting. Losing respect but still babes. Doesn’t compute. If you think either of your babes disagree with what MK and I said lol. Those two just either are sleeping or know the futileness of talking about it here. Smarter than me I suppose


They’re definitely smarter. The point is, I lost respect for the fair fight, so I wasn’t gonna play fair either. It was obvious you were gonna try anything dirty anyway so I was ready. Babes got what they deserve too I guess :wink:


So …LS helping FH too
wahaha , i cant believe. Dindnt know that, i hadnot vision other than NA.
Seriously, u guys ned call Jamie again for management, or make clones


Well at least we aren’t crying to everyone to try get them to plant for us and spam :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh but my team did some scummy shit dude. I don’t know why I even tried to save face when literally all you’ve done is try and use propoganda to turn people against my team, and then half of the guys in your little HINI coalition have a ■■■■■ about how we’re using help, how you’re so hardly done by, how Jamie is a shit person because he came to us with an offer… how many people you placed down? How many reds have you dropped @MikotoSouh, and for what? To troll for a couple of days? Like what did you expect, to take the whole world away from a team that controls it all and already had allies before you even showed up? And then you had the hide to make it seem like we were the bad guys?

Shoutout to my team, because these guys have been great. Even if it wasn’t a conventional world war era or a CE era or whatever, my guys stepped up when they needed to, kept their heads down and only retaliated because they were continually baited, like me, by this forum shit. All of them have done a great job without me really there, especially @Faker and @The_Stranger. You guys are MVPs


Ohhh just by chance bby, I will let Haku know they are good people and have our protection now


mmm Swagger, you miss sleeping…that was objectif of Leo to start spam you in asia…Consequence you do error :slight_smile:

You mean they began spam…they was already in map.
Leo wanted to have effect on your sleep…he is satisfied now.
Some other planted yea, they wanted see the show of FH…They are laughing hard now


For what i got to enjoy a war on battle dawn :smiley:
badly stacked odds as it may have been.

also if you are going to call out an MVP, its should be @Carter.
at least in Aussi 3 times ppl have been locked down by me every time only reason they didnt get whiped out was becuase carter manged to get units there to defend. (like minimum infil every time)

also why are everyone taking up the tokens? like i don care xD

Also i have warred alone in Aussi and managed to killed like 28 squads lost just as much. but even w tokens playing alone vs multiple ppl im happy with that, and i feel i should be allowed to voice my opinion about not likeing the sub thingy.

if you try see it from my side, and i have no hard feeling or hate for anyone (exsept the guy that stabbed)
i just dislike when ppl allie up on dead eras, but that mostly becuase i enjoy warring on battledawn and want every era to be a hard fougth win, regardless if i win or lose i want it to be hard… i just feel its getting a bit silly as what i thougth was that it was 2 teams vs 4 teams.
(@faker have told me this is mostly wrong so im sorry)

also @faker im sorry i migth have assumed wrong but like i said they happend to attack me the second my protection dropped and my spam on you guys started.
if i was wrong sorry.


I slept 10 hrs last night, woke up to go to mosque :laughing:


You saying we dont know how to use spies. but we know exactly what we are doing. Our fleets in NA still alive


That’s a lot of money man, more than I’ve spent on BD ever. (Hint: I still get ads at the bottom…)


i have no vision about whats going in NA.

and i figue that you guys logically didnt value to send spys back for 1 spammer. im just saying staying mutliple ticks on ops next to my base w out any prot is stupid, and giving @carter a shout out for saving his team m8s


ey man creds to that. i just dont enjoy dying to much, and i dont claim to be good so i use some money to compansate :wink:

and you have to admit surly i have been the bigest thorn in your side?
have any single player set you back as many squads as me :D???