E2 - Era 86, Tick 498 but it just started


You all talk too much.


i know Faker,
i just stimulating our Alfie… :smiley:
We are in good term no worry.

Dont think too fast for a reply, its just a fun in game.

Also, I need members…if i can have some FH member to join me? So we make good war.


Yeah why don’t we all join together against trajic


hmmm ill consider it :wink:


Dont ever write this sentence again


Hey what’s wrong with a good wou hoo


I just stimulating our Alfie … :smiley:


Oh look, he’s gone already!

Thank goodness we have these clean-playing pros to come and show us how to win properly, without any cheap tactics!


‘our spy Jamie’
No one from FH even knew I was playing again until I messaged them. More like, we can accept this gift of a person who dislikes cunts.


The colony that rushed armor is still around and building
My surviving 1 worker warned his workers about the nukes
They threatened to revolt if he broke protection early
Seems smarter on our part to have another member play in the meanwhile. 148 ticks is a long time.

Edit: Since Nefarso is unable to make a forum account he asked me to relay that he wanted to play so he is. He planted before H1N1 ever formed. Also Regards to Alfie :wink:


Yes thanks, I read his BC. I somehow doubt that a person with 12 achievements knows who I am considering that I am not using Alfie as my ign so either he’s an existing player on a new account or you’re actually resorting to recruiting randoms from around the map to spam us. Both are pathetic quite frankly, but it’s clear that Vik does love to waste reds


You are welcome @admin_joe


kamikaze is a way of life.
also <3<3<3 long time no c


Guys , i still waiting a big Bravo , cause we still not dead yet…pshhh, we even got some xtals/conquers from The boss of BDA hahaha (boss of BDA forgot to reloc before click on quit alliance…wat a Boss).

After all what happened, i tought we was going to be dead same day.
I forgot how much days passed from the time of “Regards from Alfie”

Regards to Pano.


at this point they calling in an other 83 squads from their sub to figth us.
like the 200 squads they have vs our 50 aint all ready enough xD

what a meme. so much for competition, call the 130 armor planter a cheap tactic yikes my duds, coz 2 subs when you got a power total more then dobbe rank 2 team def needed.
and lets not forget the need for a stabber/spy

i migth boost a lot but at least i play the game and dont farm it.

-mk out


You’re facing 3 people in NA. You all got locked down and damaged just a few hours ago and had to spend the night hiding under your shield so dont pat yourself on the back too hard. Evidently no one in the era you somehow got a BOAT knew how to use a spy because you sure dont seem to.

As for you Vik, no one is forcing you to buy literally tens of thousands of reds. Maybe if the idiots on your team hadn’t tried so desperately hard to get LS and others to stab us (their usual strategy), then they wouldn’t be facing more enemies


i dont mind wasting reds buh.

im just saying whats the point of this era you your guys power almost adds up to more then our score.
why do good players such as your self feel its nessesery to show up w 3 teams on a server ( like 20% of all active non bot colonies )
and use tactisc such as stabb your only enemy and lets be honest yom like only good player you where up agienst.
i understand that you win this way, but where is the fun? winning a dead era w shit ton of numbers where is the fun in that???

but i guess you the type of player that only care about winning and not about playing the games for the fun of good wars like this game kinda is intended for
feel free to correct me if im wrong im just trying to understand


Desperately hard? You mean the chatting that was happening in the massive skype chat with your team in it? We all know LS wasn’t going to stab you guys. They told us right away. Never asked again besides the jokes in the big chat. However just lol…imagine needing to call in an ally that has more squads than your enemy while yourselves having a 700+ power lead overall AND all of the worlds income and conquers + your own boosting. Funny how people have egos after all of that.

Edit: Who is everyone else? Rank 2 is Yaz’s best friends. Rank 4 is your sub/energy farm. Rank 5 is allies. Rank 6 are jw. Rank 8 are your enemies already and the rest of the world can’t even fill out their alliance let alone actually play.


If you guys didn’t want to face a huge power differential, maybe you shouldn’t have waited until precisely tick 498 to play? How ridiculous to start attacking a team that had what 1.6k-1.7k power and then complain about their high power later on?
@MikotoSouh You are in a team of 10, that has already swapped out multiple members, ‘supporting’ another (almost) full team. We didn’t bring anybody else - Seaweed made NUKE several days into the era from random people, as he often does and we sent him some others who have done very little, and LS was actually an enemy team initially that we killed.
Now stop boosting, stop wasting so much money and go plot your next revenge for another era


im not complaining about the power gap, im complaining of the need to use 3 subs to kill an alliance that started to play at tick 498
but i guess im correct you dont play the game for fun you play to win, i can respect that but not understand it coz whats the point of spending 15+hrs on a game each day if ya aint playing for fun