E2 - Era 86, Tick 498 but it just started


That’s a flat out lie. You told me to give you res ops in Africa and you would mark BDA blue. I did that, then you had your team build gates right on top of our colonies. What more negotiations? I gave you ALL OF AFRICA RES OPS cause you demanded them for peace against a teaching alliance. I talked to Seaweed, Adrian and Dommy, all of whom said they were fine with being allied and holding off on attacks cause I asked until you told them to attack. There were no other alliances from BDA there, I know because I WAS THE ONE TEACHING THAT ERA. Not to mention, you had another alliance there for you anyways. I know cause I talked to Trajic about it when I was searching for folks late in the era to attack you after what you did. So with 2 alliances filled with pro’s, you felt you HAD to lie and take all of a teaching alliances res income before launching a betrayal in order to beat me (and just me). Honestly, I feel honored that I threaten you so much, but it was a low and sad move on your part.

I also flat out told you, if you don’t want peace, then say so. I didn’t care about fighting and losing. That’s teachable moments. However, me yelling at my new players to back down and not attack your team while you are planning to attack my team and I’m PROMISING my newbies you are trustworthy is a REALLY shitty place to be. Especially when you prove my newbies that a 10 year vet has to be reminded he can’t trust someone’s word even if he’s known him for 5+years.

As for the “in past turned hostile”, if you are referring to CE2, then you can blame Rania for that one solely. She flat out gave me an ultimatum to either join her (your) side or that we were no longer friends. You saw my response on that in CE2 when I attacked. Anyone trying to hold a friendship over my head for allegiance is no friend of mine. I don’t care if friends fight me. I just expect they will be civil and not try to use our friendship as a manipulation.

As for Jamie, you’re talking about the guy who split off with the BDA because he believed in subbing and playing for 2nd/3rd rank against G who argued BDA should always try for the win if they can, not back down. Jamie also had also been inactive that era as he was teaching on another era. I was looking to replace him when you attacked.

Hence, why I said I will never play with you again. It’s not a threat, it’s a simple statement.


Just like to point out, that, this here completely hypocritical bud. Go work on your English before you go after someone for theirs. Like surely you can come up with something better just by using spell check.


Thanks, i corrected (Coherences=frenchy word) by Consistency.
can u be my secretary? but u not allowed to show ur hate gratos in 3 sentences. 1 can regroup all for that…repetition


U had 1 guy who was brainwashing your team (he had his own objectif) and he Liked ur comment: Jamie is a guy that showed to our team in our group chat how he wuld win the era vs us… I gues u dont know that lmao. So it look like a missed garantee.

As Malice has said, I didn’t engage much with that era, so to try to lie about my ‘brainwashing’ the team is ridiculous.

I don’t remember showing your team in your team’s group chat how I would win the era fighting you, particularly because I also don’t remember ever being in your team’s group chat, although I’ll admit the latter part does sound like the kind of stupid thing I’d do.

As for Jamie, you’re talking about the guy who split off with the BDA because he believed in subbing and playing for 2nd/3rd rank against G who argued BDA should always try for the win if they can, not back down. Jamie also had also been inactive that era as he was teaching on another era. I was looking to replace him when you attacked.

No, G was arguing they should try to win even if they can’t. In the era which sparked the discussion, they fought an enemy they could not beat in order to support someone elses era, which is far more heinous than subbing in my eyes. As far as I’m aware, Chaosmaster and myself are the only ones with wins as BDA mentors. So don’t characterise me as someone who plays for 2nd. I’m just realistic.


haha just saw this, thats because we’d die man :d

since skizzy was an idiot and got nuked and actually died :\

now if you ran into one of our nukes it’d be a different story :slight_smile:

was fun playing against you in GL though, hmu


So you used 2 account in forum just for that? haha. Shuld we try check game too?

For be clear, 2 step:

  1. E1era43:
    We invited you to our alliance game couple tics before era end , skype chat and whatsapp chat.
    U shuld thanks us for giving you a gratos win E1era43 instead inverse.
    Decision to add you was supported by Niracas & me…rest wuldnot even see your face, they was against that vote… seem they was right.

  2. E1era44:
    You told me that you gona play in BDA for teach ppl and “try a win” (About that , i need talk to your staff for know how u can teach ppl this time. there is many who can assure do that properly).
    Our team wasnot against BDA. We even help new players by communicating with them. Its always pleasure to get new ppl. thats the same reason that keep all of us playing = community.
    But we cant giv you a win gratos again lmao, cause we puted for win too…without you in team.

**So, i guess, u used your brain for create a fake buzz in BDA & make salad chief for BDA and us get that war…not worked…and u still working not giving up… clapclap
That can work only for a little bit of time , then ppl wake up… strange way to waste his health.

Not my fault to talk about E1 here in topic…sorry E2 ppl … i need punishement again haha


carter pshh nice to see you.
i will try remember when u sleep :smile:


Did you say something about coherency earlier? Perhaps you could use some yourself buddy.

Are you going to pretend I sat and built era 43? Didn’t help your team at all? Don’t act like you threw me a bone.

Yes, the focus for BDA teams was always to win, but I was probably the most pragmatic in that focus, preferring to take 2nd and 3rd place if there is no chance for a win, as was the case on E1. I’m no longer with the BDA, but feel free to chat with the remaining BDA members about my poor performance, although it would seem that after I left the BDA has ceased to operate teams. Better a bad job, than no job at all.

I highly doubt you’ve helped a player in your life, and I’m certain you’ve driven away countless, either with your brain-numbing perversion of the English language or your dirty tactics, like having your friends place to spam. You can attack my behaviour, my attitude, whatever, but you can’t argue I haven’t helped bring up new players.

Everyone knew the BDA stood no chance of competing on E1. I was focussed elsewhere for that very reason, and Malice knew that, and I was okay with being replaced if he had chose to do so. Using me as an excuse for your actions that era is poor. I’m just surprised Gaurav isn’t here hammering down your door about killing the competition. Although then again, his views are entirely biased, and actually he’d probably argue your case here, in direct hypocrisy to his previous arguments.

I have no clue what this means. I didn’t care much for that era, so I assure you, I probably did not use my brain, but I did find it abhorrent and unforgivable that you crushed the E1 BDA alliance.

For context for people who weren’t on that E1, Yozius was in an alliance called A. They were rank one and they had the win more or less secure. Malicewolf and I were in a BDA team, I think I was leading the alliance although Malice was more in control as I was playing a serious era and another BDA era at the time. One of our members, ‘WhoDat’ attacked A. A retaliated. Malice asked me to boot him as he was trying to cool things down. I agreed to do so, but by that time A was already coming down full force, and we both agreed that the era was more or less over for us, but that Malice would continue to teach anyone who remained motivated. Hard to expect noobs to stay motivated after the no.1 alliance crushes you. As far as I remember, half the noobs playing that era never played another BDA era with us.


ehhh so basically this thread is just G tryna make us feel guilty for something anyone would have done had they had the chance lel and then Yoz tryna justify stabbing someone coming to bite him back. loool was a nice read tbf


He said “Regards from Alfie” after telling us that he is the spy, by his self :smile:


In other news, I’m allowed to play. If anyone cares :frowning:


No, go back to sleep


I care b, just come conquer me :frowning:


H1N1: I dont like cheap tactics
Also H1N1: image


Winter is coming


Dumpster fire…


From the looks of it Zealot got a pc finally and decided to make a very explosive comeback.


Roses are red violets are blue , someone stabbed me so i should too.


So Alfie called his crew and said:

“Heya, lets play E2, there is an arrogant guy named yoz who joined Pano.
They are sleepers like every era, and we can also use our spy Jamie…But we need make it look like hard era plz…Lets blabla”


Well no yoz. Don’t use quotation marks for something that wasn’t ever said, and clearly isn’t true.

Alfie was asked to play, he didn’t make the team. Hini had like 2 members at tick one, so once again, no one planted to kill you. Don’t talk yourself up to much bud, it’s embarrassing.