E2 - Era 86, Tick 498 but it just started


Atleast i stood my ground in GL


Nah, you did/doing well for what you’ve had to deal with. A real crappy way to get conquered, and one that shouldn’t have happened


Need to reinstate - I didn’t condone the stab. Yes, I knew about the Intel leak, and yes, I did use it a couple times. I DID NOT plant him. He came to me. I DID NOT promise him a spot in our team. Not sure where that came from. You can view me how you want, I play so little that it doesn’t really matter. The stab was unnecessary, and real shit, I know that. And I will have a harsh talk with whoever gave it a green light.


Clearly not much is happening in BD, so I’m glad my actions were able to breathe a tiny bit of life into this deflated corpse of a forum.

Some initial points. I suggested spying on HINI, and at no point beforehand were my future actions or rewards for actions discussed. Backstabbing was not discussed until about 24 hours ago. Again, I suggested it.

Why? I don’t like Yozius. I have never liked Yozius and any chance to screw him over, I’ll take.

Also, I’ve been pretty bored this era. I just came back to BD, I placed in AA, got enough conquers to make it into a top 3 team, and then built for about 400 ticks. I was pushing FH to war HINI because frankly logging into BD was becoming depressing. Seeing 0 agents, 0 anti spams, armies and spies on colonies and a very fragile network being allowed to remain uncontested was a reminder of how bad things have become on BD. How inactive and ill prepared can you be and still be at peace?

Yes, I suggested the backstab, and after it being greenlit, I rushed to do it. I relocated in order to do it. They have 72 ticks to come get their crystals back, probably more, I’ll most likely stick around.

As for being given a place in FH, that was an entirely speculative thing, and at no point confirmed. Gaurav has taken speculation as absolute truth in order to spin something marginally more exciting than nothing. Just like he said I planted to stab, which is again untrue. I planted on tick 33 because it was the era that had most recently started. It was only after getting the invite from HINI that I realised I had friends on the other side. And I wanted to join HINI initially anyway because I saw the chance to screw Yozius.
Honestly, Gaurav, are you so starved of attention and companionship that you need to make mountains of molehills?

So reasons and motivations aside. How much has Battledawn changed that people are trying to absolve themselves in the eyes of Gaurav. It takes a quick search of the words ‘backstab’ and ‘Gaurav’ on the old BD forum to find some testimonies to Gaurav’s previous advocation for backstabbing. He’s neither innocent nor apologetic, and neither should anyone else be.

How has whining about stabbing not gotten old at this point? There really is nothing new under the sun.

Anyway to conclude, I’ve had fun, and hopefully you all have and will continue to do so. There’s really no need to be so personal about something that has happened hundreds of times before and will continue to happen until this game dies.

Just let the forum die.


Thanks, at least now there is some balance. Now we all know how Gaurav loves his false propaganda and to pretend that he knows everything that’s going on… but really lol, the day that he, Psi and others can legitimately complain about spies or stabs with any credibility at all truly is the day we all should retire


Battle Dawn has changed for the worse in many ways since the days of the old forum. Competition is almost null on worlds and this E2 is a prime example of it. An era was almost wrapped up within the first 500 ticks. This is the new norm, not an abnormal. You’ve seen it and commented on it yourself by being in HINI, which was rank 2 in that condition.

To defend backstabbing on an era like this, in this day and age by saying it happened in the past is a pretty shitty attempt at condoning it. Also a clarfication, a search of backstabbing and Gaurav would come up with my alliances fighting other alliances. Not myself leaving my own alliance and conquering my former teammates. Beyond that, stabbing/backstabbing used to be risky and have conseuences. Era’s were not won by killing one or two alliances by tick 500. If you stabbed you were likely to incur the wrath of the rest of the world as well as face tough future era’s. Now? That’s hardly the case with most era’s being quite dead.

Thank you for clarifying your plan. As Zealot said, you came to him with the idea of spying and he accepted. He denies ever green lighting the stabbing of H1N1 but you do admit that the idea to stab and conquer your former team was approved by FH before it happened; It was not just a singular action by yourself. Perhaps it was the “real leader” that did so.


Bring back forum wars, before, now, forever.


I kinda love the hypocrisy here.


Battledawn’s playing atmosphere has changed, it changed a long time ago. So? What bearing does that have on your argument? I don’t think anyone is going try to disagree with you there.

Do I have to defend backstabbing?


To attack the idea of backstabbing, on any era, is just bizarre. What kind of argument can you even make against backstabbing? Certainly not a moral one, its a game. You could argue it hurts competition, but I stabbed a team you agree was not competitive, so you fall flat on that count. Let’s look at an egoist perspective, do I have more to gain from backstabbing than I risk losing? Yes. Backstabbing wins again.

Essentially, arguing against backstabbing is about as effective as yelling at a wall, because no matter what perspective you look at it from, it still doesn’t care that you’re yelling.

There is no reason not to backstab, therefore I backstab. It’s basic self-interest. If you argue against me, you’re a commie.

I bet if I backstabbed FH, you’d be cheering on the sidelines. If HINI were the victors here, you’d be arguing for backstabbing in my stead. Your argument is as hollow as your biases are obvious.

Thank you for trying to play moral dictator, but no one ought to care who greenlit what or how this series of events started, because again, they’re inconsequential and you’ve made a fuss over nothing.


To be honest, what Gaurav is trying to state here is that we do not care about stab/backstabs, that’s some way ppl found to win and we gotta accept it nowadays.

But thing is, why do a such thing to a team that has only 3 worth players and rest noobs when you have a premade team with a lot of known players? Not even counting as Faker had said, they were winning it so far. Why be so low?

And if it came from you, well, I honestly have nothing else to say.


Where were you guys on M2? I made a team out of nothing and a member backstabbed for a place on the rank 1 team. I see no forum posts. I see no boosting to compete to save little old me.

Just admit the only reason you’re whining this much is because Alfie is playing the era, otherwise you wouldn’t give less of a toss.

Why do such a thing?

An easier question is why not do such a thing?
Lets see-
Won’t have to stomach talking to Psi on the forums,
Won’t have to, actually no, that’s it. Not talking to you is the only reason I can think of not to backstab.

inb4 psi cant take a joke.


It does hurt competition because even the few actives trying to put up some sort of competition lose moral when stabbed and conquered by their own teammate. It hurts the chances of new players returning/continuing to play this game when their work goes down the drain from their own team; as a BDA member, you should be well aware of how had it is to retain newish players in this game. It continues to hurt the overall state of this game as it makes already pretty dead era’s even worse. Backstabbing only wins in your self-interest, no doubt about that.

If FH were backstabbed, you are right. I would cheer it as I would see some ray of hope that this era could be competitive. It’s a bias in favor of competition vs a bias in favor of a team.

You can’t believe this is inconsequential or a fuss over nothing, if you did, you would not be here explaining your actions and continuously defending them.

Who stabbed who on M2? I didn’t see it and nor did anyone mention it to bring it to my attention. Perhaps you’d of seen forum posts if it was brought up.


You guys are talking about “morale” and “need” When literally you guys stabbed your sub who won you the era just a few weeks ago.


Lol what? Our “sub” finished in 3rd and our allies merged to finish in 2nd. Only people killed were those that talked trash and/or tried to get greedy and bully us around.


So your logic is, there are these non competitive teams and we should try to conserve them because they contain small pockets of activity?

No, we should crush those teams and force those pockets of activity to band together to create something actually worth people’s time.

I do believe it is inconsequential, which is why I am arguing you’re being melodramatic. Why wouldn’t I step in on your little wail brigade? Someone’s got to show you up.

Stone, Simon R. stabbed me. And that’s okay because it made sense for him to do so. Next time I won’t pick up players in world, and I’ll actually put some effort into creating a competitive team, rather than crying like a baby and repeating my mistakes over and over again like you’d seem to prefer.


My logic is that newish players usually don’t stick around when they go through things they deem unfair/low etc. Non-competitive teams trying to be competitive and losing teaches them valuable lessons. Those that were active/tried usually decide that they would like to play again with better players. Your belief that it is inconsequential has been repeated plenty. You’ve got your reasons for doing what you did, and it has nothing to do what you are trying to portray it as.

Regarding M2, I’m not sure where you find repeating the same mistakes over and over again is coming from.


HINI has been around for years. They’re on E2 often. If this is what they were like a year ago, then they’ve been repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

This whole sticking up for new players rhetoric is so bs, and if I thought for a second you genuinely cared about new players I’d leave this here. But from my past experiences with you, I know you really couldn’t care less about the new guys, so drop that.


100%, although lets be clear, there’s realistically only one newish player in HINI, and for all i know it could be a new account of an old player.

As ComingSoon said, and as you know HINI have been around for ever, and were looking to for an opportunity to stab us when we were in the previous encounter. (Can’t really call it a war, as it was poor Kerser and a few inactive’s).

I had a full rant written, but after re-reading it and reading above, I think it’s message would be lost. I’m just low key annoyed that you want to use an excuse like this as propaganda and be seen as “white knights” trying to save the day. I mean if you wanted to troll, just do it. There’s no bloody need for misleading antics. Also I will admit, I’m lowkey butthurt that I told everyone you were cool and you wouldn’t troll the alliance this era, alas I was sorely mistaken.


It’s okay, I did the same. Maybe I can actually start to be active instead of deal with the 50th unexpected irl event that will pop up this era…


Eh, I get it to some point. Both sides really. I have little sympathy for Yoz in this case. Yoz allied me while I was training in a BDA era with the promise to leave us alone and let me teach newbies in exchange for res OPs in Africa and safe passage. I promised my newbies they wouldn’t betray (even though many of them said they would) and got burned badly. He build gates right on top of us and stabbed saying he always intended to kill me with no intention of letting me live this era as I was a threat. Cheap way for a team with 3x the power to win and caused about 4 new players to quit the game. But it reminded me to trust no one and plan for anything.

So I get where you’re coming from as well G. As I was in that position a while back as well (but I can’t help but notice the karma here). Cheap tactics will always be cheap tactics. But that’s always existed in BD.


mmm didnt know i was missing here.Could just call me or whatsapp.

@ComingSoonE2 :
Thanks God that there is something named vocabulary. Missing consistency (coherences in french) in your sentences show enough that u got bad health. IDK your hiding name now. But the one who believe that he is right dont hide…normally he proud if he got a truth with arguments.
Plus…, none will believe you or your gang anyway lmao . whats known its known already before.

ay man, in your paragraph you really did eror by replying to your self in public=Threat
i didnt said any deal.

  1. i Told you that you needed give me more credibility face to me. cause:
    in Past, u turned hostile to me by surprise + BDA had hostile ppl to us (thing that u didnt know. sorry not your fault) + u was waring our ally the great Kosta haha + you took africa res.
    In resume, 4 Risks that noone will dare make eror.

For precauion & straight negociation, i replied you simply that you are a Threat, nothing other than those words. that mean i cant let you survive. the only thing i culd do, is to let you Rebuild for teach.

  1. Normally u might give me a garantee to counter my reply & give me more raison to change idea & accept your deal…nothing. and even that i didnt attaked yet, was giving you more chance.

  2. +100 tic passed , … u just was keeping ask to not attak cause BDA academy story that having a couples of guys highly hating us from past , plus another top 3 alliance was there from BDA academy… = Total of 2 alliances academy , some of them was boosting tokens.
    not forgeting in those 100 tics you wared my ally and took africa ressources…Too much risk confirming what i think.

  3. Then Dommy …& only domy who had colony in west africa (he was solo in africa) from tic 1, begin attak your team. me i just poped radar & focused into kill that second BDA academy aliance + had eyes on the haters with you what they doing lol.

we had Dommy colony there in africa from begining… gatable there . not neded a gate.

U had 1 guy who was brainwashing your team (he had his own objectif) and he Liked ur comment: Jamie is a guy that showed to our team in our group chat how he wuld win the era vs us… I gues u dont know that lmao. So it look like a missed garantee.
***In resume, i seriously wuld like make peace with you, but high risk to accept. ***

About others remarks of others players not mentionned, seriously , idk wat is. Give me more light and will reply…if the sentence is complete.