E2 - Era 86, Tick 498 but it just started


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@Faker yeah, I’ll sleep for one more day. Gotta recharge for the next weeks.


Coming Soon joined HINI from the beginning so he could spy and eventually stab HINI and join FH. He did so today and conquered 3 of HINI’s 5 actives. Didn’t expect FH needing to do that to beat HINI.

FH’s real leader says that he never planned this with Coming Soon and that he did so on his own accord. Hopefully Coming Soon can clarify then why he expects to join FH.


As the old leader of FH I need to reclarify what happened. We couldn’t even get a 10th on at the start, i had no intention of planting a spy. Wasn’t premediated at all. He came to me with an opportunity, and I took it. Never promised him a spot in FH, wouldn’t do that to one of my members unless inactivity was a major issue, even then… Best terms I had was 2nd, and I did not expect him to stab. From my understanding it was just intelligence I was getting.


Can’t say this without offending HINI but I hope they accept the truth. This HINI team is essentially 3 players that know what they are doing, 1 old player that’s always played for fun, and random rest that just lol in terms of capabilities from what I’ve seen. Even needing to accept a spy for intel to fight them is laughable…You’ve got a team of decorated active players with boosting capability. Why even accept intel? Also Coming Soon says you admit that you aren’t the real leader, and he planted/joined HINI expecting to stab and join FH.

Not sure who in FH if not Zealot has been the mastermind behind this.


And now im going to kill you for that “intel”.
low as shit to do stuff like that on a game that needs new players to come around, and thats not how you get new players to stick around.

hope that if you win this round, that you as the leader feel super proud of it.


Lmao I remember when you were a wee little baddie, I wonder how well you play now that you’re probably more active.


Wait so if someone came to you saying they have intel on a team potentially going to stab you, you wouldn’t take it?

Well he was, he just had IRL problems during the previous war so asked another member to help as he couldn’t co-ordinate properly

As for the stab, I think it’s dumb. We were clearly winning, and there was no need for it. I was informed the tick after he left and it made no sense to me as the war was going very one way as it is.


I mean it’s very conditional on team era etc. Being in your shoes and against HINI. No lol. As you mention and was clear to everyone, it was a one sided war and really doesn’t make sense to do this sort of dirty stab. To hear that it was planned from the beginning just makes it so much worse.

Yeah Zealot is the real leader. He created team and led it most of the era, just some irl issues caused him to step down for a bit. However this stabber claims that someone else was acting as leader in pms and planned this. I’ll share more as I learn it.


Please do, as I can’t believe that the below is a thing;

I don’t see why in the world we would need to plan something this low. From before we even planted the world was dead af, if we couldn’t win without relying on crappy tactics then the team had better quit


I don’t use dirty tactics to win. @MikotoSouh you can’t say that if you were in the same situation you wouldn’t take it. Sure, let’s turn down free help. What happened wasn’t planned or condoned by me whatsoever. All I had on the agenda was Intel…


LOL then you do not know me, I’m the worst leader you would ever have to do diplo with. You as much to even send me a pm I mark you red. Ffs @Gaurav Even watched me mark AGE red and attack them.

I would never participate in a stab like that, I plant with a team, then I believe in said team.
Meaning I play with them and just them and most of the time I win with just them. And the times I don’t win with just them I losse with them.

And what do you mean you don’t use cheap tactics to win, you are doing it just now on e2??
Or don’t you consider having a spy in the enemy team since tick one a cheap tactic??


Did you even read what I said? I never planted that spy?


Just so we’re all on the same page here, 80% of the team (at least, I can’t speak for all as I’m not a mind reader) did not OK the stab, let alone know about the stab, did not OK getting intel, did not OK anything.


I don’t doubt you, I don’t wish to believe any would ok something like that.

But @Zealot if i under stand G correctly the stabber him self said he was so. I migth have gotten it wrong.

But anyway you have said you have been getting info from him, and since he been in the team since start it mount up to the same.
Asked him to or not you have had a spy in their team the whole time I don’t understand why you would feel the need to take info from him.

Even more why you would give the ok for him to leave and conq his own team m8s
It’s just low man, And no excuse you can give can rly change the fact.

I feel sorry for people like faker that’s getting thrown in to this by you, if they didn’t know about it befor it happend it’s just low to tarnish their reputation by doing shit like this.


hey i kinda got stabbed LOL


I legit been trying to suicide my army but they just keep running let me die LOL


Why suicide? Era is just getting started


idk. ive just came back to this game after 2 years of not playing. Just having fun