E2 Era 81 Rumor Challenge


Hello all,

After a great E2 era with Rayu getting rank 1 BOAT a new era is on the way and there are rumor that Patrick Brouillette AKA Ricky TAT’s leader on E1 will be coming to accept a challenge from one his former team mates he booted to merge with DAWI…Is this rumor true that he will be coming or is it all a lie from the BD talks within the community…Hope this happens make it an interesting era for who ever challenged you Patrick don’t need another BOAT Era (RoFL)

Well good luck to whoever is playing Era 81 and lets not make it another BOAT era like what happen this era…

Cheers and Good luck to all playing


is this hyperion? lmfao


Lame attempt at hype @True_Alpha_1


I don’t know if its true just rumors going around that Patrick was keen to play and he wanted to show off his great skills…But guess he doesn’t want to prove his old team member wrong well can’t blame him hes loosing e1 so will look bad at him for loosing e2 as well (rofl)


there are literally no rumors going around saying that, literally just you, but sure


If there were Rumours i would know.