E2 Era 80 Tick 364


Tick 1388

GS has declared war on MEX, citing them trying to get a ribbon for doing absolutely nothing all era, and stealing around 100 xtals from JACK spoils.

Map and rankings in the beginning of the war:




I didnt steal xtals from jack! I only stole the xtals from a colony who stole them from jack! they r fair game u meanies!!!



First kill



Im not sure if we can fight against this new strat. Waves of forces all sent in on 9 eta attacks, all a tick apart



Could post another dozen or two brs from MEX and then REIS deaths as well, but its just pointless at this point. I know we talked a lot of smack on BC and on this forum, but all of it was just for fun and to spice up the era. We didn’t beat that great of teams by any means either, but it was fun to win from a huge deficit against multiple teams. GGs to all our enemies and especially MEX for not giving up immediately after we attacked :slight_smile: