E2 Era 80 Tick 364


Nike from JACK goes down


13 squads from JACK LD’d and killed



Clown down :sunglasses:


GS picked off about 20 or so squads of gamias last night in small battles as he seemingly just logged off after his squads were locked.

Here is another kill picked up this morning.


Kill on JACK’s sub JAX. Member was kicked right after the battle


Tick update on 1058

It’s been around one day since the start of the war, and GS has taken all of Africa save for a few ops in West Africa, almost all of Jack’s AA ops, and pushed heavily into upper asia. Every JACK member has either relocated to alaska or to Europe. In russia, there is little to no resistance, and jack seems resigned to just defend Europe. By my count, GS has killed around 140-150 squads of JACK/JAX. GS has only lost armor, and about 3/4 squads of range, the majority of which was used to suicide on 28 nuked squads.


RIP Uchidori, it’s a shame you weren’t active this era man @Uch


16 Nukes and a single spam unit as incoming. Interesting BD



Update for tick 1106

It’s been about a day since the last map update and 2 days since the start of the war. GS have now taken all of Africa and Asia, nearly all of AA, SA is being taken from the South and the East, and Europe is being taken from the East. Jack and their subs are yet to put up any real resistance, and the kills are still completely one sided.



Update for tick 1160
GS is still warring Jack. All kills have been one side and because of that, there has been a dramatic change in score yesterday


I was leaving for a road trip the morning you guys attacked I was able to be on for the first 5-6 ticks but then I had to go :ci was really looking forward to it too lol congrats to you guys
I will be taking an abrupt break from BD due to real life
I’ll see you all sometime around the end of the year
Rock on


Easy’s army


Endevador :joy::joy: im glad to see you winning you had it from start man


@Uch next time buddy.

Some JAX (Jack sub) BRs:


Macedonian, but whose actual name is vasko, an old hini player finally came online after days of inactivity and found we were attacking his army with a nuke. he razed the op when we were 2 eta, waited a tick, then launched to “avoid” the nuke, then BOT recalled back thinking he was gonna kill our armies. Apparently he has forgotten everything about BD, and had no idea that he had been nuked, and that we would only suffer 1hp of damage from sitting on the op. GG noob, this is what you get for trying to gloat on BC when you “dodged” that nuke.



Top tier shit talk right there


Last BRs of the GS/Jack war:


I also thought this needed to be shown to the world.



so beautiful :heart_eyes: