E2 Era 80 Tick 364


i am silent dont make any ego @abdul007 @BlackPanther .My Big Message coming soon when u will check u’ll be dead killed By GS

SGC will die !!


:joy::joy: i am not even playing i just joined and got voted as a leader lol


we dont give up :joy::joy::joy:


Interesting BD…


FPS i told you stay in hive -_- why coming frontline
timeout 30 mins user kicked


SAR became the receiving end of a devil’s threesome. Gods plaaaaan!


Tick 528, JACK joins the war against SAR. SAR has their squads caught out in the saudi arabia area with their network vulnerable. Lets see if they can hold 2 teams off


GG everyone SGC empire shall FALL NOW


JACK lands a kill on SAR


Gravy back in business :sunglasses:


Most recent BR:

SAR/SGC seems to have largely quit. They still have 2 armies in Asia that are just repeatedly dodging attacks… I have never understood why people are perfectly happy to suicide half their team as above and not make any efforts at all to defend or fight back, but will keep dodging with their armies.


Another SAR/SGC death


Looks like Jack has the win in the bag


yh continue not understanding :wink:


Wow my guy savaged her


JACK kill on the final SAR army


Update on 635

Fall, formerly PLL has crept up the rankings while SAR/SGC has fallen down to 5th. JACK is pushing into NA to seemingly finish them off. GS is at war with King and is pushing them in. SM attacked GS and GS are fighting back. Mex is still sitting neutral at rank 3.


fall member down


Tick 722 Update

GS was stabbed by FAIL(PLL) led by Carter for revenge while most of their armies were in AA and took the entire island of AUS. GS reinvaded AUS and took most of it back. Carter’s team did nothing and sat and got killed, so he kicked pretty much the entire alliance and all their squads are flying back to their colonies. Jack has invaded NA where MEX has taken over the territory of SGC/SAR.


Tick 1015 Update

GS has declared war on JACK. Mex has been attacking PuRe as well. Mex is so far neutral in the GS-JACK war. GS declared because after killing most of JACKS enemies, (killing 6ish PLL armies at the beginning of the era, holding off SAR for 2/3 days while SAR had more than double GS’s squads and even getting a 30 squads kill on them) we were disrespected and given demands almost constantly. Move here, you will not take this, relocate away from us, and let their sub/ally at the time (KING) attack us and did nothing to stop them, and took no actions against them either.


Alliance Ranking:

Here are some kills from GS on JACK so far.

Will update more frequently now that something interesting is now happening. GL to all combatants :smile: