E2 Era 80 Tick 364


Seeing no one made a topic for this era, thought I’d make one!

Alliance/Player ranks + map at tick 364

A little rundown of the era so far, PLL and Jack teamed up and killed HINI (now TROL), and split up africa. Some HINI members joined Jack (i think). GS relocated from NA to the philipines during this time war. PLL just recently decided to attack Jack, however they underestimated the enemy and overestimated their own strength/activity, with their armies far too spread out. SAR also joined in on the war against PLL, overwhelming them. As PLL were retreating into AUS, GS trapped and killed several armies. The BRs are at the end!






Another one bites the dust


Someone Stop Excel…


i cant, he is too strong


i thought excel is a gril. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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lets take her down so the myth goes on ??


Different person, you’re thinking of Jesse Excl… if you can’t tell in future this Excel can spell and the other one can’t


A kill from Jack on a final PLL army


i am silent dont make any ego.My Big Message coming soon when u will check u’ll be see Conquered By BP


SGC kill unıts right but how ? PLL feel u are friend with them its always ur tactic sgc stab friend sad.


I realise you’re probably too stupid, but:

  1. We are clearly not playing seriously, we have under 600 power
  2. Not every single team that Seaweed and I are in is SGC. Getting very sick of people throwing that around… guess what, we play with other people too


i am silent dont make any ego.My Big Message coming soon when u will check u’ll be see Conquered By Fort Kickass


Update on tick 449

SAR + NWO are now at war with GS. SAR pushed up 50 or so squads near southeast asia, but have pulled back due to garrisons spawning. Nothing big has happened yet.




It’s just banter God BP. We all know you are a superior player to us mere mortals


Is it trash talk that your dad kicked you from 4E and boosted all your birthday money just to beat you in an era?


or that he was grounded because he wouldnt jam and spam for his dad?


GS sux. im rooting for you BP


Tick 515
SAR and GS are still at war, however SAR has renamed themselves SGC. GS has pushed SAR all the way to saudi arabia since SAR all slept at the same time and didnt defend. However they are now awake and starting to move around again. PS has joined SAR and took over leadership even though he is only 340 score. No kills have been made just yet, and JACK still sits on the sideline watching.


GS managed to trap BP but only had one spy so no damage. Another SAR member is trying to reinforce and catch the remaining armies in the lock but is 3 ticks away. First major kill of the SAR-GS war


Pug from GS gets a kill on PS from SAR in AA