E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


you’re the best alarm clock bb


The one time i said "hey guys, imma go catch a few hours of sleep in a row. You guys got this?"
Wake up 3 hours later. Nothing moved, everyone was asleep :joy::rofl::joy:


Good game BurningApollo/the rest of you. Competitive war for more then a few hours, very nice.



(also, gg to you too Seaweed)


Admin Josh everybody


I had his approval before posting that, for the record.


well, this concludes this era. was a dead world after all. not fighting until the end like i hoped. and barely any competition. meh. thank you, xXx/PP and S1K+HTC on entertaining for a short time. “what” simply had to die for being disrespectful and incompetent.


you can tell it’s a dead era if Kaen hasn’t died at least once. (usually its multiple deaths and multiple boost-backs)


Looking back at this era, i miss it was way to much fun.


this era was fun was it not? can you get out of retirement all rdy?


also i got more then 1 max devine now xD


Really miss this era. Round 2? :stuck_out_tongue:


Was a fun era indeed :wink:
Maybe sometime next year when I can play again :wink:


how would you play without Kaen tho? you need that forum embassador


And without your local lazy Apollo. I provide great cheerleading and three active days per era. use them well.


i reread this thread every once in awhile and i now kinda wanna play with Seaweed tbh. but i think we should have an era with the exact team makeups we had for era 76 just for the heck of it


Couldn’t do the exact same teams bc my team wasn’t pre planned. Only like 5-6 of them I didn’t meet in era. Either way we should most def play again.


our “pre-planned” team was just Josh, Apollo, and James. rest of us were recruited from there or planted after start. i miss Osiris. the only member i dont know. we picked him up from the server. dude’s spy was sitting on his colony all era until we noticed. active asf tho and able to get on at any time quickly. just didn’t know how to play. perfect soldier. would be invincible with a proper leader.


then we can both get proper teams together sometime and actually go at it (:


Oh wait this is the one i played in.