E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


Regardless of whether or not HTC was highly active, those 2 members were pushing about 50 squads into our territory while we were trying to hold off 250 squads of S1K while being severely outnumbered squad wise by them.
AND all the while, we had people on back duty in our own alliance because of constant spammers behind us. AND we had TE planning to betray us, so we had to set up defenses for worst case scenario there as well.

Yet, we still found a way to keep those guys in check.


SERIOUSLY WE ATTACKED? Dude one member of your alliance took my ops in EU when we didnt even touched you :slight_smile: get your facts right please, we only moved after that.


Malice 50 squads? seriously? im the leader of htc so i know how many squads we were having in EU and yes i tried to push you guys but 8vs32 wasnt enough. i only had 8 squads and my other member with me had 9 who was inactive who just kept on moving front and back, thats it. popper moved later with only 7 real squads, rest 5 were spams. batlle hym had only 3 squads which were stationed on gate.
So its like 17 squads before then 7 more, thats 24 and 3 later.




not sure why this matters anymore. HTC and S1K were inherently bad alliances with several good players and lost :\ we had them outnumbered on several occasions both in africa and EU and we werent able to push them back because they had better OP management


More ppl like @Excel please.

Thanks, bye.


i never said anything as if it matters to anyone, i was just putting some light on facts here.
See you guys around. :slight_smile:


well, by the looks of it, S1K has ran off to E3 where instead of trying to win a 10-man world with 2 alliances and some helpers like on E2, they are winning a 3-man world by bringing like 8 alliances and a bunch of helpers. if things go as they are currently, they will become a sub family like 4e or lool. sad. but that kind of thing is inevitable. if not them, someone else will step up and create a sub family.


funny enough, before lotr lost a huge chunk of their army in a fight to deek, HOHO+HAHA were planning to kill lotr. If the first wave of relics had been released a day later, we would have invaded SA with like 120+ squads. Relics forced us to gate back, and then we went to chase down azrail. When we started moving our armies back to SA lotr and deek had their big fight and only then did we become allies.

Which is funny because lotr was panning to invade NA with deek and twg until they were backstabbed by them


I’m sorry I had to reply. I’m currently on mobile and I dislike scrolling down too much.

Yes, I’m reading everything here.


Eh, ok maybe 30 squads. It was enough we had to pull 2 people to have their armies there just to make sure you didn’t try to make a push unchecked.

But as Excel said, you guys had the numbers, but not the activity. If you had even a bit more activity, you probably could have broken us.


Me (lotr) was teaming with Deek and TWG to kill HaHa (excel and crew). Deek betrayed me and attacked me in South America (falsely thinking I was with HaHa) which forced me to align with HaHa. Whatever Kaen said a few posts before is propaganda. The leader of S1k on E2 is not even playing on E3.

Excel you have the inner workings of My/Deek/TWG plan wrong, but close ish.


Exactly, im glad theres someone mature enough to understand this unlike some others :slight_smile:


@Seaweed You forgot to include FF, NG and WHY. who attacked too.


Thanks everyone for an awesome era. Especially big ups to S1K. Had alot of fun, and that was one of the most intense wars I’ve fought for a very long time. I appreciate the fun! And goodluck in any future eras, y’all!


since most peeps revealed themselves ingame, i guess i can post the member list on the forum

Timotheus - idk. did some stuff. i think
@Malicewolf - mastermind and pilot. also fought on the forum frontline
@BurningApollo - idk. logged in like once a month
@Muha - one of the other people that did stuff besides Josh and Will
@Niracas - did stuff and killed some other stuff
@MikotoSouh - idk. existed
@Kaen - fought the forum frontline for the alliance
Osiris - helpful and active lad
Kean - did stuff. swell lad
Kane - moved squads once in awhile.






How do I battledawn?


You go offline. You wait for Josh to call you. You continue waiting until you realize he fell asleep due to sleep deprivation and now your army got nuked.