E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


dont think there are any cheaters in this era.
Or the cheaters are good at hiding the fact they are cheating


Didnt half the winning teams enemies get banned?


It was just 2 or 3 members of an ally of their main enemy. S1K did not have anyone banned mentioned in this thread, only a bunch of players being switched out


Are you thinking of the right era, capo? AFAIK, nobody here has been banned. Unless you’re talking about last era? In which case I have no idea.


you are Thinking about M2 not E2


Oh what G said I thought they were main enemy. Oops


Well, Annon, some players that got banned on m2 were playing on e2. One member of xXx got banned and 2 members of TE got banned. One of them being PS


Was it you ? :rainbow_flag:


gonna quote some old posts just for the lulz

still waiting on this to happen



Not a single kill from S1k?

  1. My post was a joke.

  2. Praxis’s comment remains true. (For when it was posted).

  3. 7 of our 10 members were either randoms or new players, who barely boosted. Our team was assembled IN era. Congratulations your team won!


ouch. you wrecked us on the forum even when you couldn’t do it ingame.


Its all I have left!


It’s ok. It’s usually the only thing Kaen’s got too. This is an rare opportunity for him. Let him enjoy it a tad bit.


im just upset my nukes got taken ): no one wants me to have fun


Where are the WKH BRs


Your nukes got taken because you didnt make the right deals with the right people :smiley:




Lol Muha you are still the same, always killing inactives and posting BRs. everyone here know how inactive and random HTC was and they didnt even give 1% of competition against you guys. only two members were active earlier in game but no one tried that hard.

Anyways good job :slight_smile: i hope we play against each other when we are actually active and serious, maybe most probably in june :slight_smile: so see you guys till then.


It’s all exp for me, doesn’t mater if active or not, you guys are the ones that attacked us. Why bother attacking when you guys are “inactive”, yet, enemy side still didn’t manage to get a br on anyone, not even the inactive ones :wink: