E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


WKH has only lost territory in SA against mostly seaweed with me helping a little bit. HTC only has like one member there in the last 10 ticks lmao. Now you are losing the AA territory you vultured as well :rofl:


Me? I’m not even in WKH :smiley:


meh, it sounded like it


FILA :slight_smile:


I’d usually go through 10k metal and 15k oil just for converting to energy. I’m an energy whore


I’m working on improving as a player and have slowed down on boosting by a lot. so calm down with calling me a big booster


I’m getting closer, come and stop me :stuck_out_tongue:


Why you so mad, was it the stab, or did WKH kill a S1K army? Sorry not too active
I will be soon though, kamikaze time


Afroman tryina get some.


he is saying 10k like its a lot i blew way more then that this era as i planted tick 202 and killed cubber at like 232 xD


What happened to the thread? It was so lively!!!


Well, then you’re a horribly inefficient booster. Nothing to brag about


Afro and Frozen down


thank you



:thinking: :thinking:


Lmao get wrecked Psi



welp, as of now all top 10 spots are taken by members of Who.


Have you been paying people to change their names again


no sir. this time they decided to be bothersome all on their own. if i would do that it would be to something praising me. not something impersonating me.


See how actual competent leaders tend to be out of top 5? Team is too good to be losing to some indianopakistanian cheaters