E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


No but it helps, I think it’s a combination of both


It helps indeed. When your enemies army is about 3x bigger than your own, you need a bit of help to close the gap when their income is also 3x bigger (if not more). However, it isn’t necessarily required. We definitely had some big boosters in WHO, but the majority actually did not boost. We had 2 members heavily boosting and helping some of the other’s out though. But it’s not like S1K wasn’t still boosting too. Dat boost bar early era was flying! :joy:


early era it was just me. Mikoto hadn’t joined until after tick 200. And I’ve been practicing boosting moderately instead of heavily like I usually do. so, in the beginning i boosted all boosts and gave some reds to 3 of my members and didn’t boost anymore until much later, and that was only for energy and oil to convert to energy since i was doing a lot of energy works.


WHO cares? lol
boost with pride, dont tell me how and when and why and how much. Idrc it was an observation, and i thought you guys were boosting harder than S1K at one point. Maybe im wrong. With MK and kaen i thought it was a pretty even playing field, boosting-wise. But even then, why get defensive?
I said outplayed/outboosted. A combination of both.
azrail for example, all that boosting doesnt guarantee him eras. A+ for effort though, messaging everyone “i mark you blue, you do same, thanks” lol


we didnt get a message like that :frowning:


lol been 2 worlds he does that to me, its funny
but hey, the mans gotta try


Boosting doesnt make up for skill.
if you would give me a 100k reds and tell me to go fight some of the best players in BD.
I guarantee i would die within 100 ticks.


pretty much this entire era was us defending ourselves. most of us planted just to watch. only two of our members planted to win. It was all self-defense. we were just relaxing in Aus not touching anyone, being rank 8 and stuff. then the rank 1 alliance tried to bother our rest so we killed them and took their stuff to teach them a lesson. then we were attacked by the new rank 1 team after they told us they wouldn’t. We killed them out of self-defense yet again. now just sitting and chilling. anyone else wants to disturb?


Boosting definitely helps prevent a situation where a team feels forced to enter an engagement. My team barely boosted.


boosting wasn’t exactly necessary for you as your income was way higher than ours until recent.


and i only boosted in the beginning all boosts. after that it was just oil and energy. for scans and jams and stuff


Right oil and energy. Your income was much higher then ours boosting considered. If you do the math boosting oils consistently equates to 1000 oil a tick. Our bonus for oil I think was around 250 at best. Not complaining btw.


i converted a hell of a lot of oil to energy. thats energy. which means scans and jams. nothing more.




around the time we did a mass jam


Yea same story here.



whoever you are, i hate you. now i can’t rename to my usual ign


Im not a big booster like kæn, why is having me on the team counting as something?
Dont know where ya all getting it from i never boost a lot. Never more then like 3k reds n some blues


thread has been quiet… @Kaen @Seaweed @Praxis where are you when we need you : (


once we get a BR against WKH we will post it (;


Carefull, WKH might get a br against you :stuck_out_tongue: