E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


Once the wheel starts turning, it usually picks up speed. And teams that were on the sidelines are all of a sudden on board once they know they didn’t pick the wrong side.


Extremely lame way to play any game.


I fully agree.



Interesting Feature showing who are the most common posters. Kaen wins this thread hands down.


45 posts for SGuderiancito? noice


S1K member dead


This dudes computer is broken. No point hiding it now. He is a good member otherwise. He has been scraping by occasionally using his friends laptop.


So i guess CuBBer does die. Those broadcasts about “CuBBer lives” weren’t true


i might be awful at BD and one of the worse players. but when it comes to forum wars, i’m someone you want on your side.





You think I am happy with this shit?


Wasn’t gonna bother participating in this war, but i guess i’ll have some fun while i eat this nukes.


lol whats your ign?


im in saudi, dw, you can post my br once i sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


haha. you’re that guy. nice. can’t stop a man from doing what he loves. nice spamming.


can i keep talking? since i am playing.


well …kaen has reached the epitome of shit talk…


You couldn’t be more right. I’ve been trying to get WKH to attack S1K alllllll fudging era. Especially when TheD were still primarily dominant in NA/SA. Bunch of panzies. The leader, afshin xp m and others are “real life friends” so voting for war was useless and yes they wanted to side with S1K but when they say Who getting the upper hand all of a sudden they grew 1 nut. WKH doesn’t deserve not even top 5 alliance. I tried joining LOL as they were on board to attack S1K, but they don’t even listen when I tell them to ceasefire on TheD and 502. Sorry seaweed, I wanted to be a thorn on your side, after giving you free win, but seems you guys are getting outplayed/outboosted by Who,. Amazing era to watch, I will keep watching as era plays out. Couldn’t be too active these days. Kaen way to keep forums alive, although sometimes cringy lol


You did not give me a free win last era on E3, you certainly helped though. This has been a great era. We are killing WKH now.


“Outboosted”. Had to keep up with bigger income at first. Havent boosted since eqalizing. So, the reason that there are no br’s posted of any of our members dying and none of our members dying has anything to do with boosting?