E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


sounds like a wonderful idea. how bout it, @Seaweed @Praxis


Clearly our plan to bring TE into the battle failed, so they didn’t effect this era militarily. The spam bombs were useless spams at you, I know you mocked the futility of that situation when it happened. I fully appreciate that spam bombings take resources and maybe some mental energy to defend against, but they were not a serious part of our conflict. Am I wrong about that? Were the one infantry spams a major problem? Thed was not just spamming, they were actively fighting us and countering our units.

It was our fault for not handling them properly. I am just pointing out they were a real thorn in our side. A real asset for your team. I Always appreciate my allies, but they were weak this era. Like I said before I think the sides evened out to approximately a 1v1 (due to things such as the spam bombs you brought up). I am not saying that you had all this help and we had none etc. All things considered I believe you beat us 1v1, which is good for you and a compliment to your team.


As a member of HTC I agree. We really did not do much as most were either random players or very inactive like myself


You were one of the best members! Haha


well, to be completely honest, i only found out about TheD fighting you guys like 10 or so ticks ago. they said they would help but when the war started i checked several times and they were idle. i didn’t know they were actually fighting you. that would possibly explain the segment of time when we were able to push further quickly.


Thed are active in spurts. They woke up once or twice and had to be dealt with. In the last few days they seem to have collectively awaken and now they are doing some damage. Killed 2 HTC members. I wonder if they will play hard now?


HTC kinda gave me a hecking frighten. but Josh assured me it wasn’t that big a deal. glad he was there. otherwise i woulda lost morale because we were fighting S1K already and saw 3 HTC players with somewhat decent sized armies coming to Europe



Haha I am trying to figure out what the hell that means


i think, like a boat propeller got caught in seaweed. altho it says covered. so not sure.


We’ve stopped wondering what he’s ever talking about. It just hurts your brain the more you try.


some of us don’t have a brain that could potentially hurt


Damn I got chopped up


Bodies are bodies and teams have to deal with them to counter them. Even if in the end they seemed ineffective, they still caused us to stretch resources more thinly. My favorite moment of the era though (so far). ROCK sends 20 squads across Saudi to India at 12 ETA. I make Kaen gate a majority of his army to cut him off. I take the destination OP and scan incoming. 20 infantry.

On a different note, some BRs to show. Though none of S1K (they’re elusive) but we’ve killed many of the side nuisances that have been plaguing us. After intel of TE attack incoming, WHO decided to take the fight to them first. Not too many big battles to see, but here’s one of TE

And here’s Nani (ex S1K member)


that set me back more than 200 energy


bivth you unmarked us smh :rage:


and i can mark you red if i feel like it


Another TE death

And an HTC death as well.


Era turned from awesome stalemate.
To a one sided massacre


I’m thoroughly impressed with your ionning abilities. I haven’t had that much E in ages. Sigh.

your alliance has ionned how many nukes today? 4? that took way more energy than just jamming some colonies and outposts. and you guys are fighting on several fronts, so i would imagine you have to scan more, put more sat scans, etc. why were you making a deal out of us being able to jam a couple things if you can ion 4 nukes in a short period of time ezpz?