E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


Red for the win, white and yellow seems out of the race.


on the map image, on the right side of the screen it shows all the alliance names. you can compare with the alliance leaderboards. on there, Green is our alliance, red is enemies, and blue are our allies


white alliance is hidden under the teal. They overlap with 2nd rank, but their territory isn’t that large to begin with. Yellow… yea, they’ve kinda just holed up and barely moved out.


yah. and also, they are all going to die because they decided to fight against Kaen


aka - kaen gettin carried.


pls. i killed quite a bit of units.


@discobot fortune

Is Kaen lying :question:


:crystal_ball: Most likely


darn. bamboozled again


So @Kaen fights in forum for his alliance = also important = psychological war/strategy :exclamation:



Kaen be bringing us new enemies left and right with his forum posts :expressionless:


Bad @Kaen :exclamation:



I make it more fun. more enemies to kill :slight_smile: there are quite a few players that placed just to either watch me and hope i fail, or actually try to fight me or help the enemies.


This flushing cockiness is very sweet.


And what would happen if I spend my 200k blue tokens to build an armee and support an alliance :question:


Well I suppose I am eating my own shit now with that one.


stop bullying me, i’m showing off in front of someone that doesn’t know the game well enough to understand that i’m literally one of the worse players here.


Sorry but I need to step in with that comment. HTC and Dead were not effective allies against you. HTC definitely had their moments, but ultimately were not a major hindrance. We have been fighting THED the entire duration of this war and they are in NA and SA, where it hurts. This era evened out to a 1v1 in my opinion, but if anything the geopolitics were against us, not you.


so, the spammers that were spamming us, and TE planning to attack against us (we put em down like the rabid dogs they are) is not equal to a dead alliance in NA/SA from which only a few people did anything?


How about making peace instead of war :question: