E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


shhh we are wAkE not wOkE that’s lame


map as of tick 470
looks like Who is making a huge move into Europe and Africa : O


conquers getting deleted :slight_smile:


I do not give a damn what the Battledawn rule-book says, it is a joke. I get what you are saying Kaen. Using an opponents defeated enemies to jam is legitimate, but it certainly does not feel legitimate… if that makes sense. It seems cheap to get a coalition of previously defeated alliances (or just conquered colonies) and aggressively organize them to be a massive pool of energy. It really is fair game-play though and is within the realm of diplomacy, I will delete my broadcast since I respect and believe what you are saying.

Those reds, holy moly. These deletions, holy moly.


oh damn he was our best guy!


well, i guess he’s dead now. no more best guy




so thats the 4th conq s1k member?


you can’t count the ones that were kicked. they aren’t S1K members anymore :slight_smile:


Please don’t conquer me, hon


dw, im a noob, so you have nothing to fear


Alliance territories


RIP deleted conquers


actualy i think it got with S1K running out of players with hige score to let take over for their players that losse score, if you know what i mean :wink:


so Who is #1 now? that was fast.


leaderboards tick 484 the power of Who and S1K has equalled out.


alliance territories tick 484



Which colour is your and Malicewolf’s alliance :question:



Red in this image. Which is current rank 1. We were teal prior, which is rank 2.