E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


if you kill an ftw alliance and they help your enemies that doesn’t automatically make then an energy farm


Kaen has got some point here


I’m not sweating it tbh. This is a known occurrence for every era played. Ever.


we just give out tokens let me give you some exsamples:
i mean i could find more but i guess you get the point?


omg Viktor go away. stop. tmi


sorry, where you gonna post you sending reds? did i ■■■■ it up for you my bad :’(


can u send me some as well @MikotoSouh


w8 aint you an enemy?


no.i dont do that kinda thing. thats unnecessary info they didnt need to know


sorry babe :’( i thougth they figured you allways call me a wale



you know it’s a dark time period when Kaen is the one being fed in his alliance


hahahahahaha i feel sorry for ya xD


anyone got anymore br’s?


Enemy is a strong word to use


lol you are a funny guy :stuck_out_tongue:


he’s right though. you can’t just go around calling people enemies. that’s rude and offensive.


Second S1K memeber to get conq


Well in other news, I nearly got lockdown. Good job to S1K. I built and op and sent right to it. 15 CT in, I had placed my spy at tick 3. They must have gotten a spy on it at tick 2, because they were able to set it off in 1 go!

Luckily for me, the LD ended at 3 ticks again (BD gods, please continue to love us).
Brings the sacrificial Kaen to the alter


In other news, LOL attacks 502 and the bois are now wAkE