E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


there have been at least 5 times this era so far where all of our colonies got jammed. but as soon as we jam all the S1K colonies, they make a big deal about it. cute.


u a trap hoe wyd :thinking:


I never made a big deal out of it. I just said I was impressed with your jamming?


the dig Seaweed is trying to take at us in broadcast. and anyone can tell both you and him are sarcasming. we got jammed a bunch and not one of us said anything about it or broadcasted it or posted on the forum about it.




S1K goes through their 5th or so member change :joy:


Whatever you say lol


Yup and one less nuke in the air.


@MikotoSouh you arent allowed to use the name of a legend


man S1K swappming out members more often then kæn complain about my pet.
at this point they are lossing terretory so fast they letting spammers join them so it looks like they doing something
man up and 1v1 please this is getting sad


I dont complain about your pet. Its a nice pet. I complain about you bragging about your pet.


i dont understand, im just like a guy with a big hoagie in a locker room. not my fault everyone look at it when i let it swing.


Send proof on snapchat, babe


Or in skype alliance chat. To get other alliances jealous that our alli chat is the best


belive i have sent proof befor. i sent in our big sc gruppe


My dig is directed at the use of plants to purely jam. We have some non plant allies that we tell to do general jams (most offer the service to us, without us asking first). We certainly do not call them up constantly to jam specific targets over and over in abusive fashion.

If your telling me these permanent, widespread jams are clean and only due to boosting I will believe you.


Are E farms allowed?


I asked Alexander about some rules and he said:

there is this rule but it doesnt say anything about energy. only op farming and spamming

this one is about farming but doesn’t have anything about energy.

I scanned the entire rules list and couldn’t find the words scan, jam, or energy. so, im not sure.

nevertheless, there are no players that are placed just to jam or scan for us, as far as i am aware. there is an alliance that is friendly with us that is currently not fighting but just sitting and building that does occasional jams for us. they placed on their own free will and tried to play but got killed so they are now rebuilding and helping how they can.


I am going to say that these jams are clean, yes. not due to energy farms or the lot. And they are not all done by the same character. in the jam wave during which you guys invited a random spammer into your alliance to give you a satellite scan, I myself jammed quite a few radars. But i am not going to claim that I alone did it all because that would be a lie. I did boost a lot of energy and had over 300 before using quite a lot of it on jams.


I’ve already boosted back a lot of energy since using that up. since cooldowns expired