E2-Era 76 (Annon doesnt know what he is doing)


Our team is not even logging , we just planted and left . Admin is moving our units


lmao. love your answer. the thing is, tho… thats a Joe world. if admin was moving units, they would be where they were at the start of the era. That guy logs even less than my team.


That explains why u r able to push


Then it seems like Joe is boosting a lot on his own server.


he’s an absolute madman. i’ve been telling people for years. the thing is tho, reds spent on a server benefit that admin. so, he doesnt lose any money. gets it all back + whatever other players boost to try to keep up with his armies


He gets a small percentage while the rest go to tacticsoft.
He is really mad spending this much money


I’m thoroughly impressed with your jamming abilities. I haven’t had that much E in ages. Sigh.


tokens go a long way. and if you havent noticed, we have a few members not really doing much besides moving with the rest


@Praxis u should know from where that E is coming , not very hard to guess



im constantly jamming things and scanning but i still have a bit left


will have 100 more energy in 4 ticks

  • 50 more when the small energy resets. and i boost all oil even if i have full or too much, and convert it.


How is that possible if u log once in 2 weeks

@kaen i didnt expected u to lie :frowning:


hey, i didnt say all of us do it. i have alarms set for when boosts cool down


the members of our alliance that do log in once every 2 weeks always have energy full when they log on


@discobot fortune
Will i defeat both the alliances and get a BOAT?


:crystal_ball: It is certain


I guess we should disband our armies and raze our ops, no point in playing if we cant win.


No No No
i need to farm all of your units.
just keep them on a op and i will get a nuke to nuke it


But i dont like getting farmed. It makes me feel dirty afterwards


Now now
You can have shower after i farm you.



im currently still taking one.